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Over 5000 Lokafyers in the 300 cities around the world.

Live & Interactive

Experience a customized private video call with your Lokafyer.

Live & Interactive

Experience a customized private video call with your Lokafyer.

Online Experience

Get informed and inspired for a future trip, or to get away without leaving home.

Trip planning made easy

“Before my conversation I did not know anything about Helsinki and wasn’t sure if I should even bother planning a trip there. After talking to my Lokafyer, I am totally excited to travel to Helsinki. I also got really good information on getting there and planning the trip with other cities nearby! It was really really helpful.”

Chelsea, USA

Learn to make something new

“We prepared the ingredients before the meeting started. I had so much fun, never could imagine that it would be so fun doing it online. It was clear and fun, with a nice conversation about food, turkish kitchen, and discussing similarities between our nationalities.”

Mohammed, Germany
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The cost for the Travel from Home experience depends on the length of the call:
30 minutes60 minutes90 minutes
€ 20€ 40€ 60
30 mins60 mins90 mins
€ 20€ 40€ 60
If you’re experiencing financial difficulties, please contact us. There are many Lokafyers who have kindly volunteered their time for this project so that more people can have an opportunity to have a social experience during these difficult times. Our mission is to bring the world closer together, and we feel that right now, this is more important than ever, we can’t be together physically but we can come together in spirit.
Please contact us as early as possible in case you wish to cancel or change your booking. To obtain a refund, you would need to cancel a minimum 24 hours before the experience is set to start. You can email us at booking@lokafy.com to make any changes.
The Travel from Home experience is designed to be an interactive, one-on-one video experience, that is like having a conversation with a friend. We recommend a maximum of 6 people attend the video call so that it is easier to interact with the Lokafyer. There are no extra fees for additional participants.
Yes, it should be possible. In case the Lokafyer is available while you are visiting the city and the schedules align, we can assign the same Lokayer you had the Travel from Home call with. We’ve found that this video call experience is a nice way for travellers and Lokafyers to get to know each other and also plan for their future trip.
This is no problem at all, because it is super easy. After you have filled out the booking form, we will organize the call with the best Lokafyer. As soon as we have organized everything, you will receive an email with the booking confirmation and instructions on how to start the video conversation. In the email you will find a link for the video call. Just click on it and meet the Lokafyer Online. We recommend you to choose Google Chrome as your browser. In case you have a preferred video call method you can specify that in the booking form (Skype, Google Meet, Zoom, Whatsapp Video Call, etc.). We recommend that you start the video call a little earlier than scheduled so that you can test the video tool in advance to verify that the video, audio and microphone are set up correctly.
You can also think about questions about the culture, the city, the country, which you’d like to ask the Lokafyer during the call. It’s best if you share any specific interests and questions in the booking form or in advance of the call so that the Lokafyer can prepare for the call. The experience is meant to be interactive and conversational (not a lecture), so also come prepared to have a good discussion with your Lokafyer, and get an understanding of the differences and similarities between your countries and cultures.
We’ve found that many travellers and Lokafyers ended up extended their call (time flies when you’re having fun!). You can definitely extend the conversation if the Lokafyer’s schedule allows it. After you have completed the Travel from Home experience, you will receive an email to provide feedback. We would like to hear your feedback on the experience. In the feedback form, you will have the opportunity to pay an additional amount if your experience has been extended. The Lokafyer would definitely appreciate receiving an extra payment for the additional time, especially during these difficult times when the travel industry has been disrupted.
You will receive the contact information of the Lokafyer by email with the booking confirmation. In case there are any technical problems with connecting to the video call, please contact the Lokafyer via SMS, Whatsapp or email. We also provide the Lokafyer with your contact information so that you can reach each other in case of any urgent matters.
Don’t see the answer you’re looking for up above? Send us your question by filling out the form and we will try to answer it as swiftly as possible.



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