Bustling with energy and steeped in history, explore the heart and essence of Delhi and become immersed in the spice stalls and tea shops as you make your way through the busy streets. Captivate your taste buds as you browse through the endless bazaars and markets with a cup of masala chai. What can feel overwhelming at first with all the sights, sounds and famed traffic becomes an awe-filled fascination as you take in the vivid colours of the buildings, fabrics and clothes and stop for a conversation with the friendly locals. You may be surprised to discover that Delhi today can be divided into “Old” Delhi and “New” Delhi, one overflowing with great historical grandeur and ancient monuments while the other is a very much green city, with a considerable portion of land covered by lush greenery and trees. Combining the best of both worlds, you’ll quickly become mesmerized by the city, learning about the history of which Delhi is built on and navigating your way through the rickshaws on the winding, narrow streets, because getting lost is part of the fun.

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