Your Localized Itinerary to Navigate your way through Hong Kong in 24 Hours or Less

Although 24 hours is definitely not enough to experience life Hong Kong style, that does not mean you can’t make the best of what the city has to offer while you’re in the city for just a day. An epitome of the best of both worlds –metropolitan entertainment and natural rejuvenation, Hong Kong has something for all ages. A common Asian tradition is to feed and host guests as a sign of love and care. True to this tradition, Hong Kong has a diverse culinary and drinking culture to feed your taste buds and leave you wanting for more. The city is also a shopping destination popular across the world. With rich infrastructure, the city and the beach being within a stone’s throw away from each other, Hong Kong has wanderlust written all over her. Here’s your localized itinerary to navigating your way through the city and experience authentic Hong Kong. 

Start with a Hong Kong Breakfast

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Start your day early and treat yourself to a good Hong Kong breakfast. Ideally, this would include a ham/egg sandwich with a side of noodle soup that is served with macaroni instead of the noodles and vegetables like broccoli or even meat sometimes. The other Honk Kong breakfast favorite is Tofu Waffles if you are in the mood for some serious sugar overload. Of course, it goes without saying that a cup of tea or coffee is a must to wash down your breakfast.

Explore Kowloon Island

There are plenty of things that you can do while in Hong Kong. Start your day at Kowloon islands. Walk around the island and watch as the activities of the day begin to unfold as stores open and people go about their daily routines. It’s something that most tourists like to do because they get to see the life of Hong Kong. Head to the Kowloon Park and just walk around the Kowloon area, since the local markets offer a lot to see. You can also do some shopping in the area since it’s a local market as well. Spend the afternoon at Mong Kok Market also known as ‘Ladies Market,’ a shopping area that is filled with local shops and stalls. An ideal place to shop for souvenirs, the market is supposed to be the largest outdoor shopping destination in Hong Kong. 

Lunch in Kowloon Island 

After all the walking you are bound to be starving! Enjoy a nice local authentic Hong Kong meal for lunch on Kowloon island. Eat at any Chinese restaurant and sit at a round table to feel at home and one with the city. Post lunch take a ferry ride to Hong Kong island and enjoy the scenic view of Victoria Harbor and the city skyline. 

City Views and Hong Kong Island

After landing at Hong Kong island, head to Victoria Peak on a car ride or pram (the pram takes longer), barely 20 minutes from the city. The view from above makes for the perfect Instagram pictures and city views. The one thing that people love doing in Hong Kong is checking into all the popular spots to visit on social media and taking pictures at these locations. Gotta keep your social media accounts on fleek peeps! After returning from Victoria peak, head to Soho and check out the central mid-level escalators. These escalators are the world’s largest outdoor covered escalator system in the world. Walk around central which can take roughly about two hours. There are plenty of cafes, bakeries, and bistros to drink your evening coffee or tea with biscuits or savories and just relax before moving on. 

Dinner in Hong Kong Island

There are plenty of options in the Soho area for dinner. Hong Kong is known for its diversity in culture and food. Hong Kong is all about drinking, eating, shopping and having a great time! Hop into any of the restaurants in Soho and devour on some of Hong Kong’s most famous food like dim sums, wontons, sweet and sour pork, fish balls, noodles, and much more! The desserts that you must try are Pineapple Bread, Egg Tarts, Hong Kong style custard, and Hong Kong style milk tea. Post dinner is when the party begins! After 9, go pub hopping around Soho for however long you want or drink till you drop! Hong Kong’s nightlife is known for the parties and the drinking culture. Don’t miss out on this, for you truly haven’t experienced Hong Kong if you don’t try out the nightlife. 

Call it a Night

After you have had enough of the pub hopping and feel like Hong Kong has entertained you enough for the day, you may now call it a night. Needless to say, Hong Kong is awake partying until the wee hours of the morning. If you are hungry and tipsy, head to Momo Place for a late-night snack. What better way to end your Hong Kong experience than with some authentic local food, after all, it is the way to one’s heart.