Why you should visit Deadwood, South Dakota

Known for its Gold Rush History and the Wild West Legends that now forever sleep there, Deadwood, South Dakota has much to offer for visitors.

South Dakota

The best time to visit this town is during the summer when you will be able to enjoy all the possible tours and even live re-enactment with actors. 

For the History Lover: Things to do


Take a walk in the Historic Old Town

Since Deadwood and the whole of the Black Hills area is known for its Gold Rush history, it is filled with museums and diverse activities you can enjoy. If you visit during the summer you can even enjoy the reenactments on Historic Main Street, also called Historic Old Town.

The downtown area is filled with shops, museums, and saloons. Most of the buildings remain in the 1880’s style from which they were first built. 

Visit the Historic Adam House


The 1892 Historic Adam House, a Queen Anne-style mansion with all of its original features. It was once home to pioneers in Deadwood: Harris and Anne Franklin. The mansion has kept most of the original decoration, furniture and artifacts. Various types of tours are available on the website, including a special Christmas Tour during the Holiday.

The town counts with The Adams Museum for artifacts, exhibits, and information about Deadwood's most notorious characters as well as the history of the Gold Rush. The Wild West is not the only part of history that is available in the Adams Museums, you can also find fossils and much more. 

Experience the Days of ‘76 Museum


The Days of the ‘76 Museum is a seasonal and unique museum where you can learn about the first pioneers and settlers of the Black Hills. It includes various exhibits and even a parade. The most famous exhibits and the first one are of 50  wagons, carriages, stagecoaches, and other animal-powered vehicles that commemorate the transportation to the American West. The Exhibits fill your senses with sounds, images and even smells of the time. Immersing you into the historic voyage of the area.

Book a guided tour of The Brothel

A new museum in Deadwood is The Brothel, guided tours of the Shasta Rooms or Beige Room are located at 610 Main Street on the second floor. This is an attempt by Deadwood to incorporate an important part of Deadwood history and community when it was first created. The rooms and tours will teach visitors the history of brothels in Deadwood while immersing them in the era.

Learn about the Mining History in Deadwood


A unique experience available in Deadwood is the Broken Boot Gold Mine. Established in 1878, it was a thriving mine until the 19th Century and an integral part of the Gold Rush History of the Black Hills. This is one of the most popular attractions in Deadwood, with various types of tours where can learn more about the time and its history at candlelight. 

Founded in 1986 is the Black Hills Mining Museum, filled with galleries where you can learn the extensive history of mining in the Black Hills, a simulated gold mine, and many activities. Here you can learn how mining made South Dakota into what it is today.

Visit the Mount Moriah Cemetery

You can visit the Mount Moriah Cemetery where some of the biggest legends of the Wild West are buried, like Calamity Jane and Wild Bill Hickok. The cemetery is divided into various sections depending on the type of graves and cultural as well as religious beliefs. When visiting the area, be respectful to the people that are laid to rest.

Take a Vintage Train Ride of the Black Hills


If after all the other immersive experiences you are still looking for another one, you can book a ticket in a vintage steam 1880’s Train. The majestic view of the Black Hills will be combined with a meal and some beverages.

Visit the famous monuments of Deadwood


After all the attractions and museums don’t forget to go and see some of the monuments available in Deadwood: The Tatanka Story of Bison, there to preserve the legacy of the 30 to 60 Million Native Americans that inhabit the Great Plains of America; after a nice hike you can visit the Mount Theodore Roosevelt  Monument, built by Seth Bullock to commemorate his friendship with the US President Theodore Roosevelt; started in 1948, but not yet finishes is the Crazy Horse Monument, it depicts Crazy Horse, a renowned Oglala Lakota warrior from the 19th century, pointing to his tribal land while riding a horse. Once finished it will be the largest mountain carving in the world.

For the Adventure Lover: Things to do

Black Hills National Forest sign by Spencer Lucas

Deadwood is within the Black Hill Forest which means it offers much in terms of fresh air. 

Hiking through the George S Trail

People Hiking by Jamie Fenn

You can hike in the George S Mickelson Trail and enjoy the fresh air, this trail is available to hikers, bikers and even can be done by horseback. The George S Mickelson Trail goes all the way to the edge of Edgemont.

Try Cross Country Skiing

If you happen to visit during the winter, you can even do cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, and snowmobiling.

The trail is filled with old tunnels, abandoned mines and even railways.

Drive through the Grizzly Bear Country

Grizzly Bear Country sign by Felicia Montenegro

To visit the animals of the area, take a drive through Bear Country, USA. This wildlife park is filled with bears, elks, wolves and many more animals of the area.