Where the Locals Eat in Osaka: A Guide to City's 5 Eat Until you Drop Street Food Dishes

Osaka market

Osaka, Japan is a tiny yet lovely city on the island of Honshu. It is one of the best cities in Japan to visit. Osaka's street food culture is referred to as "kuidaore." This translates to "eat until you drop." The main idea behind Osaka's street food culture is that it should be inexpensive but of great quality. You'll be able to consume a lot more this way. With this ultimate guide to Osaka's local food, we bring you the top 5 must-have food on your next trip to the city.

1.Kitsune Udon


Udon is a thick wheat noodle soup delicacy from Japan. Kitsune udon, often known as fox noodles, gets its name from an old folk tale. Kitsune Udon is made by combining these noodles with a clear hot broth and deep-fried tofu. It's an entirely vegetarian meal. Fun fact: fried tofu is said to be a favourite food of foxes. This cuisine, which originated in Osaka, is now available practically everywhere in the world.



This street food is currently popular all around the world, though it originated in Japan. Osaka is a fantastic destination to find real Ramen. Ramen, often known as soul food among locals, comes in three broth varieties: pork, soybean paste, and soy sauce. The remainder of the components is up to personal preference and the restaurant you select. Don't forget to visit some of the city's well-known ramen restaurants and stalls.


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The next street food which is equally famous on our list is Kushikatsu. Kushi means skewers, while katsu signifies deep-fried pork. These pork skewers are battered, deep-fried, and sold at stalls across Osaka. It's a popular street food option since it's quick and easy to prepare. It is sometimes eaten with veggies or strawberries. However, some unique guidelines must be followed when consuming this cuisine. And who better to help you with it than a local?


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Takoyaki, a popular fast food snack among both residents and children, is the third item on our list. These little, delectable morsels are made with a special Takoyaki pan. They are a popular market snack in Osaka. Octopus, pickled ginger and green onion are stuffed with wheat flour and eggs. Takoyaki sauce, mayonnaise, and other ingredients are used to coat the balls. A unique Takoyaki pan is needed to make the takoyaki. Previously, there was a takoyaki maker in every Osaka family, but today there are kiosks in every section of the city allowing people to experience takoyaki that cannot be readily prepared at home.


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This is a savoury Japanese pancake meal. Depending on the restaurant, the flour-based batter is mixed with shredded cabbage, squid, shrimp, octopus, or pork. Then it's topped with okonomiyaki sauce, green laver, dried bonito, and mayonnaise. The most common variety of okonomiyaki is Kansai- or Osaka-style okonomiyaki, which can be found across much of Japan. Okonomiyaki has been compared to an omelette or a pancake, and it is also known as "Japanese pizza".

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The majority of these meals can be found in Dōtonbori, a renowned entertainment zone and one of the main touristic district of the city. This street's stalls will supply you with all the food you can eat till you drop. Many of the meals are made in front of your eyes. Are you planning your next vacation to Osaka right now? Don't forget to arrange for a Lokafyer to accompany you to the local street food market. Meshiagare, Travellers.

Originally Written- Gabrielle Goldson

Edited - Vinita Malik