Where the Locals Eat: Ljubljana

Ljubljana is affected by its neighboring countries - Italy, Austria, Hungary and Croatia - and by the variety of culture the city holds itself. It’s a beautiful combination of traditional and modern Mitteleuropean delicacies. And we’ll give you 5 places to taste Ljubljana!

Sarajevo '84

Named after the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina, this cafe - reminiscent of a tavern- offers traditional Yugoslavian food at the centre of Ljubljana. Everything about the place provides the customers with perfect homely experience, even though you might have never experienced eating at a Yugoslavian family kitchen on a cold winter day you feel like you’ve eaten all your meals in such kitchen and Sarajevo ‘84 is only a door to your memories along the way of your travel. We recommend trying their bosnian bread! Also this is a small museum filled with memorophilia, newspaper clippings and photos of 14th Winter Olympic Games hosted by Sarajevo in 1984, so it may be a quiet informative meal as well.

How to get there.

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Located just across the Dragon’s Bridge (Zmajski Most), Šeherezada is effortlessly comfortable. The place's namesake is the famous queen of the Middle eastern collection of tales ‘One Hundred and One Nights’ so it’s hardly surprising that the cuisine they offer is a middle-eastern one. While their doner kebab is simply perfect, the home-made falafels are to die for and above all they have vegan options as well!

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Pop's Place

Located by a river and 10 minutes walking distance to the Ljubljana castle along the way to the Robba Fountain and quite close to the Philip Mansion, an atmosphere of pleasantness surrounds the delicious smell in Pop’s Place. It’s a gastropub with a vast variety of drinks, you can savour Slovenian craft beers along with your delicious burger.


Pizzerija Foculus

The always autumnal atmosphere inside the Foculus is always a cozy invite. Located near The Križanke Outdoor Theatre and Ljubljana Castle (perfect location to take a break during your travel), Foculus’ ambient is reminiscent of the scenes filled with autumnal love from Douglas Sirk’s “All That Heaven Allows”, it is beautiful and charming. And beyond having a good ambience, Foculus is quite good at what they do; all of their pizzas are amazingly and affordably tasteful! Also Foculus’ menu is a varied one, you can find any number of vegan and vegetarian options. We recommend trying their ‘Hummus Pizza’ if you’re looking for a vegan option and try the devilishly named pizza ‘Lucifer’ if you’re not searching for a vegan dinner!

Visit their website to see their menu and learn more about them!

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Odprta Kuhna

Every friday, if it’s sunny outside, this market opens in the centre of Ljubljana; there are varied tastes worth trying from the Italian cuisine to classical Balkan deserts and everything in between in this cute kitchen market.The atmosphere is buzzing with friendliness! We guarantee you that there’s no way you can leave the Kuhna with an empty belly!

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