Visit Historical Unionville

Here’s a tip for those looking to visit historical Unionville… it’s not technically called Unionville anymore. For those native to the area (whether still living there or not), this quaint little pocket inside of Markham is still referred to as Unionville. For all others, it’s considered Markham.

The heartbeat of the historical village of Unionville is Main Street. This charming road stretches only about 500m from start to finish but contains at least a couple of hours worth of fun. It has been featured in many a film and TV shows (John Stamos caused quite the stir when he was in town, as did the cast of Suits). Many of the buildings in and around this part of town are historical and mandated to stay as such. So you’ll find beautiful architecture, some of which dates back to the late 1800s.

Unionville Park nature Ontario

Dates to remember

First weekend in June: Unionville Festival

This is a really great local event that brings together artisans, foodies, buskers, beer drinkers, shoppers and children. Main Street is blocked off entirely from Friday evening until Sunday evening and is lined with booths, bands and performers providing entertainment for children, adults and anyone in between.
Don’t miss: Peameal Bacon sandwich from the Unionville Arms food booth, the beer tent and all the great games there are for children.

Every Thursday between June 18 – August 27th: Bandstand

From 7:30pm – 9:00pm different bands set up at the Bandstand on Unionville Main Street to entertain and play great music. It’s a fun way to spend an evening listening to local talent.

First weekend of December: Olde Tyme Christmas Parade

Bring your hot cocoa and join Santa and the patrons of Unionville in a walk along Main Street with lit candles. You’ll help to light the large Christmas Tree located at the Bandstand for the Christmas season.

Where to Eat

For the pub lover: The Unionville Arms

I’m not joking when I say this place is the closest to “Cheers” I’ve ever seen. Perhaps it’s because I’ve grown up eating at this restaurant but you’ll always be greeted by a friendly hello and often by the owners. The family business is overseen by the two owners Paul and Tom (who are also twins!). You’ll find either of them there on any given day, saying hi to patrons and making sure everyone is happy. The food here is delicious. In all my 20-some-odd years of living I have yet to find a wings recipe that outdoes the Arms, seriously. The same goes for their Greek Salad! If you ever find yourself here – try both of these, and tell me it won’t want to make you go back for more.

For the patio lover: Jakes

Jakes is the place to be when you’re looking for a patio or a night out. The food is great, the atmosphere on a nice weekend day or night is always buzzing and drinks are reasonably priced. This is more of a hotspot for the younger crowd at night but during the day you’ll find all ages here!

For the eclectic palette: Ambiyan

This restaurant has excellent Indian cuisine in a laid back atmosphere. The patio is also a great spot for people watching, and gets sun for most of the day.

Where to Shop

For the sweet tooth: Old Firehall Confectionery

You’ll find everything under the sun worth craving for at this delicious smelling and eye pleasing candy shop. It’s hard to pick just one thing, whether it’s the fresh ice cream or the chocolate truffle displays - it all looks so scrumptious. True to it’s name this building used to be the towns firehall back in the day and has kept its outer shell all these years.

For the cigar lover: Cigar Bodega

This shop is a bit nostalgic for me as it’s where my dad would buy his cigars. If you like cigars you’ll love this place. It’s a great little shop that has been on Main Street for years (for retailers this is somewhat of a rarity). You’ll find anything and everything to do with Cigars and collectibles.

For the interior decorator: Isla Home

This retail space is a fairly new one to Unionville main but its very cute. Filled with quaint household knick-knacks you’ll find a range of whatever you are or aren’t looking for here. Pop in for a browse and look around!

Unionville Toogood Pond

Don’t miss...

Toogood Pond:

In the summer this manmade pond is a wonderful oasis from the suburban nature of Markham/Unionville. It’s roughly a kilometer in circumference but you can definitely get lost in its many windy paths (I lived in Unionville for 24 years and probably could still get lost). You’ll often find locals fishing (still am unsure they catch anything) or just out for a stroll with their dogs.

In the winter you’ll be hard-pressed to find a cold day the pond isn’t filled with local kids (and sometimes adults) clearing off snow to get a game of pond hockey started. Grab your Starbucks and wander over to sit and cheer-on the kids!