Ultimate Guide to Vintage Shopping Like a Parisian

Everyone agrees upon the stylishness of Parisians - a local of Paris -, and surely what many of us would like to gain from a trip to Paris is the sense of effortless style Parisians seem to master. So to help you out we’ve gathered some of our favorite places for vintage shopping in Paris.

Photo by Mr Cup / Fabien Barral (@iammrcup) courtesy of Unsplash

Marché aux Puces de Saint-Quen

As this place is one of the many attractions of Paris and one of the biggest flea markets in the whole world, you probably heard of it before. This flea market is open from Saturday to Monday and requires at least a day to properly discover all the gems you could get your hands on. If you’re looking for authentic travel gifts for your loved ones, you can find something for anyone here. We suggest visiting ‘Mandana Vintage’ here to get your hands on great pieces!

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Marché de Porte de Vanves

This is another flea market in Paris, but a smaller one so if you don’t want to spend so much time just shopping, you can visit Porte de Vanes to find some goodies. Porte de Vanves is quite like Puces de Saint-Quen when it comes to variety but easier to look through since the place has fewer pickpockets.

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Brocantes at Oberkampf and Place Monge

Brocantes is swarming with second-hand goods! Stalls here can offer you anything from dresses to toys, and the market has a soothing effect with sellers just sitting and chatting their day away.

Photo by Eva Joe (@eva_jdlhy) courtesy of Instagram

Free’P’Star Vintage

If you’re looking for a true thrifting experience in Paris, this is the shop where you’ll get to hunt for treasures. The prices may be lower than you expect, you can get a silk scarf for everyone you know (everyone you know who's into scarves) and still manage to buy more! There are several stores under this vintage chain, you can just visit the closest one to you! 61 rue de la Verrerie; This one is close to ‘Saint-Jacques Tower’, and when you’re finished shopping there you can actually walk to the one at 20 rue de Rivoli like a true Parisienne. And there’s also one shop just across ‘Hotel de Sully Garden’ located at 66 rue Saint-Antoine.

Sissi's Corner

Sissi’s Corner is named after its owner who carries the suave charisma of Paris within her! This place has many choices when it comes to second-hand designer pieces, you wouldn’t want to return home without a designer piece from your Paris trip do you? After all it is Paris!

Scroll through their Instagram to be convinced to add the place in your travel destination list.

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Photo by @opulencevintage courtesy of Instagram

Opulence Luxury and Vintage

Located close to Palais Brongniart, this place is a heaven of luxury items! Exterior is glistening with Belle Epoque sensations and the interior of the place is fitting to that Belle Epoque elegance, one feels like a character from a French opera! If you’re looking for a cute bag you must pay a visit to their store!

Visit their website to peek through their selected items!

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Photo by @rosemarketvintage courtesy of Instagram

Rosemarket Vintage

Rosemarket, like it’s beautiful name suggests, is a place of elegance. You have to visit this shop to return like a chic Parisian from your trip to Paris. Everything in this shop is selected with a sophisticated taste, you don’t have to go through anything even remotely unattractive to stumble upon a beautiful dress, every piece - from their accessory selection to compliment your outfits to their vintage blouses - is simply beautiful!

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Photo by Nice Piece @nicepiecevintage courtesy of Instagram

Nice Piece

Decorated quite beautifully with the sense of a bohemian art nouveau painter of the Belle Epoque, ‘Nice Piece’ is a place of sophistication oozing with opulent luxury. Full of perfectly preserved and carefully selected pieces by - in our opinion - the chicest shop owner in Paris. Even if you can’t find any piece to satisfy your aesthetic fashion sense, the beautiful decorum of the place is enough to make you gasp several times!

Visit their Instagram page to see some of the ‘nice piece’s they sell!

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Oh Lumiere

Quite close to Père Lachaise Cemetery located with its unassuming exterior stands ‘Oh Lumiere’ inviting you into it’s quite simple atmosphere. We suggest stopping by this shop during your travel for a good bargain and hidden gems!

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Photo by Noémie Roussel (@noemierssl) courtesy of Unsplash

Super Vintage

A walking distance from Musée du Chocolat stands ‘Super Vintage’. Decorated in a way that only evokes cute and kitsch interiors of the 60s, every piece here is hand-selected by the stylish owner; making it yet another success when it comes to not forcing the customer to go through the unappealing items of fashion history, to find a beautiful piece.

Visit their Instagram page before you visit them on your Paris trip!

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As the door opens you’ll get a whiff of that chypre store smell of the 80s, and fittingly the shop consists mostly of pieces from 70s and 80s. The interior may look labyrinthine at first sight but don’t let that scare you off, the shop is actually quite organized so you won’t be spending that much time looking for a good coat!

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Vintage Désir

Walking distance from ‘Carnavalet Museum’ the shop’s exterior evokes the soul of coiffeurs’ from children’s films. It might be a little chaotic inside the shop, so you have to be aligned with bohemian sensitivities when it comes to decorum. You’ll definitely get a good bargain here!

Here’s their Instagram page, scroll to see what you could expect.

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May look quite topsy-turvy but don’t get discouraged. ‘Guerrisol’ is full of treasures waiting to be dug out! And it’s amazingly low when it comes to prices.

Visit their website for additional information.

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Chine Machine

Located in a historic neighborhood, there’s no way you can regret your visit to ‘Chine Machine’. The store has an energetic atmosphere with their selection of upbeat designs from mostly 80s.

Visit their website to see their selection.

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Honorable mentions;PRISCA, Kilo Shop at Rue de la Verrerie, Les Merveilles de Babellou, Chez Sarah.

So in conclusion there are as many places to shop in Paris as you can guess, the list may look “too much” for you but we got you covered! Book a tour with one of our Parisian Lokafyers so you will never have to worry about finding the right places to quench your thirst where you would feel like a local, or budgeting.