Travel from Home: Top 3 Ways to Meet Locals!


Photo by Duy Pham courtesy of Unsplash

Too often travelling and exploring the world involves spending loads of money at several agencies and attractions, only to result in receiving a very disappointing and generic travel experience. To avoid getting trapped into the touristic lifestyle, try to meet locals who are passionate, knowledgeable, and are willing to share exclusive insider secrets about their countries. Reaching out to locals allows travellers to gain a truly authentic perspective of the rich culture and customs each beautiful place has to offer.

Here are the top 3 ways to seek out and meet up with locals when travelling!

Have a local show you around


Photo by Lokafy

For your next trip, try skipping out on the typical tourist-guide ordeal and have a local take you around instead! Travelling with a local provides an authentic touch to your travel experience and allows you to truly immerse yourself in the culture and genuine life of a local.

A tour with Lokafy makes connecting with locals an easy feat with just a click of a button to book a guided tour with an insightful local in the area. The process is simple and asks for the traveller to list their interests along with their preferences for the types of activities they would like to do and see during the tour. Lokafy then matches a guide who shares similar interests and is paired to assist and accompany the traveller in seeing the destination through a local’s eye.   

Each tour is customized and personally tailored to meet each traveller’s interests, ranging anywhere from exploring the history behind a destination to eating the local delicacies of the land.

Stay with a local


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Living with a local or staying at locally owned establishments is a great way to meet locals to help you learn more about your travel destination.

BNBs are a great way to feel at home, away from home! Bed and Breakfasts or more commonly known as BNB’s is a traditional concept in which has come back to light in recent years largely due to the development of apps such as Airbnb, Couchsurfing and many more. Staying at local BNB’s allows for travellers to connect with staff and are encouraged to ask questions about the culture and history within the area.

Hostels over hotels! Spending your nights staying at a hostel not only acts as an opportunity to meet with locals but also to meet with people from all around the world. In addition, making global connections can be very helpful when travelling to new destinations as it is always great to have a friendly face around to ensure your trip is an enjoyable experience.

Travel like a local


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The best way to truly explore a destination is to get lost in it…and then find your way back by asking friendly locals for directions.

Navigating through new places can be difficult for a lot of travellers especially if there are barriers present such as language or unfamiliar signs. To avoid these mishaps your best bet is to use public transport as a solution!

Using public transport will not only help you meet locals but also give you the experience of travelling like a local. In order to facilitate travel and transport, some cities have even developed public transport planner apps allowing travellers to plan trips and showcase transit routes to get to a certain destination.

Keeping these tips in mind will definitely elevate your travel experience, allowing you to make the most out of your trip while also making connections with several people along the way!

Originally Written: Simone Monteiro

Edited: Vinita Malik