Travel from Home: Taking you behind the scenes !!

Hi, I'm Jule, I'm now in the last semester of my studies of sustainable tourism and I'm supposed to do an internship abroad for half a year as part of my studies. And that's when I chose Lokafy.

At work

Lokafy, a company that wants to connect people, you as a traveller can experience and get to know the locals and thus the places you have visited. But due to Corona, especially at the beginning of my internship, we had to restructure the company and all related processes/projects, because travelling, the mobility of people, is limited or even no longer possible.

This led to the development of "Travel from Home" and thus the possibility to continue to travel despite travel restrictions, but online.

I was super happy that I was able to accompany this product from start to finish as an intern. To take care of the concept, to define it more precisely, to develop a video, to be able to organize test runs, to evaluate them, to conduct webinars with the Lokafyers and so on.

We asked Lokafy customers if they would be interested in trying this product as a test run. So I talked to the travellers, but also the Lokafyers of the respective locations and organized the test calls.

After the phone call, I again talked to the travellers and also again to the Lokafyers to get direct feedback and to be able to adapt the product according to their feedback.

In the end, when the website and the video were finalized and the product was ready, it was a nice feeling to see what the team had created and how they could adapt to the current situation caused by COVID 19.

Behind the scenes-2

As an intern and as a student of sustainable tourism I was super happy to be able to design, develop, test and now market a product in the field of tourism. So I got an insight from every small phase and was allowed to participate 100% in the new product. A product that deals with the social design of tourism.

Visit our website and get more information about our new product "Travel from Home".

Written and Translated by Jule Weidner