Toronto Blogger, Big Travel Nut Writes About Lokafy

I met Toronto blogger, Marie-France Roy, Big Travel Nut at a Travel Massive event in Toronto. Travel Massive is a global organization of travel industry professionals, startups and bloggers.  I immediately identified with Marie-France’s passion for travelling independently and going beyond the beaten path.  After meeting for brunch one sunny Sunday morning, I was delighted to hear she was interested in giving Lokafy a try.  Marie-France has been living in Toronto for 26 years (minus all the time she was travelling the world), so it was no small feat that Nicolas was able to show Marie-France places that she had never been to before (all within walking distance of where she lives).  Nicolas was also able to share his perspective of the city and share his experiences designing lighting concepts for film and TV and his passion for sailing.  You can read about Marie-France’s experience here:

Nicolas at the Design Exchange in Toronto