Top 5 Places to See Graffiti in Toronto

Expressive, colourful, real. Graffiti has become an integral part of Toronto culture; each piece as unique as the artist that left his (or her) mark, as unique as our beautiful city itself. Take a look at the Top 5 Places to See Graffiti in Toronto:

Toronto Graffiti

One glorious kilometer of artistic brilliance; Graffiti Alley is Toronto’s crown jewel in the graffiti community. The stretch of brick boasts vibrant colours and shapes, attracting fans of all ages and cultures. The alley is a popular spot for photo shoots, commercials and serves as a backdrop for a number of different occasions. Graffiti Alley has become a tourist destination for the city - and we love it!

Welcome to the Junction... This area of Toronto is known for its vibrant graffiti scene. The walls often tell stories or depict a political message of sorts.

Toronto Graffiti Keele Wall

Take a look at the detail in this masterpiece! Graffiti like this really makes us smile. There are a million and one things to see in this area of the city, but the graffiti in Kensington Market is nothing short of spectacular. Works of art aren't only hung in museums, they are meant to be shared and adored by all.

Toronto Graffiti Kensington Market

This amazing NUNCA mural would undoubtedly make our list of must-see graffiti walls in the city. In 2009, world-famous Brazilian street artist NUNCA visited Toronto and painted this enormous mural on the south side of 52 McCaul St. as part of the 3rd Annual Manifesto Festival. We can all appreciate the tranquil cultural diversity it depicts.

Toronto Graffiti McCaul

If you take a stroll through the Ossington Laneway, what you'll see will surprise and excite you. A swatch book of colour plastered on every brick, every garage and every wall. There is so much life in those laneways, and the diversity of each piece is awe-inspiring.

Toronto Graffiti Ossington Laneway