How to Get from Sydney Airport to City Centre

Congratulations, you have just reached Sydney Airport and depending on how long of a flight you were just on, you must be excited! Sydney Airport is the closest airport to the Central Business District (CBD) and the most convenient for all modes of transportation.

Public Transportation - Bus

Sydney buses run on a timetabled service, route 400, which is between Bondi Junction and Burwood. Buses stop at the T1 international and T3 Domestic terminals. Upon arrival, you will see marked bus stops located on the arrivals level outside. You will need an Opal transport card to use the service. 


Taking a taxi costs about $30 from the airport to Sydney Central Station, the heart of the city. Keep in mind that if there is heavy traffic, you would have to pay more. There is also an airport toll of $3. If the taxi enters any of the Sydney toll roads, the tolls will automatically be applied to your fare. In terms of capacity, the taxi can hold up to 4 passengers. If road conditions are ideal, you will be at Central Station in 30 minutes. 

sydney taxi


You’re in luck: there is a railway link from the airport to Sydney Central Station! A ticket to or from an Airport station contains a Gate Pass and a rail component. The Child Gate Pass is $12.80, and an Adult Gate Pass is $14.30. If you add the rail component to both, the grand total is $14.00 for a Child Gate Pass and $18.70 for an Adult Gate Pass. The child age is between 4-16. Children under 4 can ride the train for free. It should take 10-15 minutes to get to Central Station. There are connecting trains and buses from Central to your destination.

sydney train station

Airport Shuttle Bus

There are many shuttle buses serving Sydney International Airport. The fares are dependent on where you are travelling to. It would be best to inquire at the Airport.


To recap, your most cost-effective mode of transportation is by taxi. Not only is it ideal if you are with 3-4 people, but you will be brought to your exact destination. No extra travel is required. However, if a shuttle bus is available, I would also recommend using it. The shuttle bus cost is the same, even if you are stuck in heavy traffic. No matter which mode of transportation you decide to take, safe travels and have a fun time exploring the wonders of Sydney!