Noted! Washington DC, Home to the World’s Largest Library

Washington D.C. is a city of rich history, architecture, monuments and museums, but most important of all it is the seat of power and authority of the United States. The capital city of the US, the city is home to three of the most powerful and important buildings of the US Federal Government – The White House, The Capitol, and The Supreme Court. But did you know, the city is also home to the world's largest library?

Libarary of Congress Washington DC.png

With over 161 million items in over and research materials in over 470 languages, the Library of Congress in Washington D.C. is the world’s largest library and the oldest federal cultural Institution in the United States. Spread across three buildings on Capitol Hill, the library officially serves the United States Congress as it’s research arm. The library which was established 1800 has seen destruction and damages over the years and has even suffered the wrath of a raging fire 1851. The library finally grew and expanded rapidly after the American Civil War. The library also maintains the National Audio-Visual Conservation Center in Culpeper, Virginia. Although open to the public for free, only high-ranking government officials and library employees may check out books and materials.