Noted! Top LGBTQIA+ Friendly Activities You Must Try in Valletta

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Malta is an archipelago consisting of three islands, Malta, Comino, and Gozo, with the capital being the beautiful city of Valletta. The country is known for its rich history, warm weather (getting over 300 days of sunshine per year!), and it's extremely progressive stance on LGTBQIA+ rights. 

Being one of the few countries in the world to declare LGBTQIA+ rights on a constitutional level, Malta continuously shows its love to people of all sexualities and identities. Even the United Nation's Equality and Non-Discrimination team have expressed their content, with the team stating that “Malta has become the gold standard of LGBTQI reforms – a beacon of human rights for LGBTIQ issues!”.

Malta is one of the most accepting countries in the world and displays it through the many gay friendly activities and events available. From great nightlife to amazing local food, keep reading to find out why Valletta should be on your bucket list to visit!

Try Their Mouth Watering Cuisine

Valetta Dining

Throughout its history Malta has been used as a strategic checkpoint for trading posts, creating a heavy influence on its culture from the Sicilians, Normans, British, Romans, and the French. This resulted in a melting pot of different tastes and flavours that makes Maltanese cuisine what is today! From their famous rabbit stews to mediterrian grilled fish, Valletta has one of the best dining options in the country which are also LGBTQIA+ friendly.

We recommend heading to 59 Republic, which offers a variety of pallets such as European, Fusion, Mediterranian, and international. It is located near the Grandmasters Palace Square and has a very welcoming staff. If you want to observe the local life while enjoying a delicious meal, visit Kantina Café which is known for being the best people-watching place in Valletta! To get a taste of the local street food Malta has to offer, head to Is-Suq tal-Belt, Valletta’s food market where you can wander aimlessly among locals looking for your next meal. The center of the capital is also filled with kiosks and pop-up street food shops, all you need to do is explore!

Explore the Adventurous Nightlife

Valletta Nightlife

LGBTQIA+ nightlife thrives in Malta and mostly centers in and around areas of Valletta. The official hotspot of the city’s community culture is Michaelangelo, located around 15 minutes from the center of Valletta. The scene is bursting with entertainment, music, and performances. Doors open at 10 p.m. and are very active on weekends.

Other popular establishments are Lollipop, which has taken Malta by storm with their fabulous drag queen performances, bubblegum pop and disco music, and Café Del Mar which is known for its scenic views of the city, where you can relax, take a swim, and enjoy the night. Experiencing the nightlife of Valletta is definitely a must for travellers, see how the locals unwind and party, and feel as if you are a local yourself!

Community Friendly Beaches

Valletta Beaches

What would be a visit to Malta without some time spent relaxing at the beach? Unfortunately, there are no official and dedicated LGTBQIA+ beaches, but there are a variety of options that are popular and frequently visited by the community!

Għajn Tuffieħa Bay is a great and welcoming beach that is just south of Golden Bay. It has amazing views, golden sand, and untouched clay slopes. Take the bus route 44 from Valletta and enjoy your day swimming in the crystal waters! One of the most popular beaches with many locals is Mellieħa Bay, situated in the village of Mellieħa. The site features many amenities and is Malta’s largest sandy beach.

Experience a Stunning Pride

Valletta Pride

The ultimate LGTBQIA+ event and hotspot is Malta’s annual pride celebrations! During this time expect to see many festivals, parties, conferences, and fashion nights to honour those in the community and commemorate love. Malta’s pride usually begins in September, with this year it starting on September 17 with a pre-pride party.

The official pride parade will happen on September 18 in downtown Valletta, at the Triton Fountain and will go through many historical streets in the area! Make sure to go to the Pride after-party and concert after the parade to end the night with fun entertainment and planned surprises. These events will be held with some restrictions due to the pandemic, so make sure to visit Malta’s official pride website for updates.

Valletta Street

Valletta is an exciting city for LGTBQIA+ travellers to visit. Not only is the country very welcoming, but also presents many activities for travellers to make an unforgettable trip. Make sure to grab some sunscreen and enjoy your time here!

Originally Written: Nadim Kassymov

Edited: Vinita Malik