Noted! Top 5 Things Not to Do in Rome

Rome is a beautiful city with lots of windows into its storied history. Like all cities, it is important to avoid doing certain things. This will allow you not only to enjoy your experience that much more, but also to experience the city more like a local. This blog will explore the top 5 things you should never do in Rome! Let’s get started.

Don’t Buy Plastic Water Bottles

It would be best to carry a reusable water bottle in Rome. This is not just because of the environmental implications; it is also cheaper for you. Rome is known for its clean drinking water, with water fountains found all over the city. It is the most sustainable way to tour Rome.


Don’t Dress Inappropriately in Churches

It is not a good idea to offend your host country. When visiting the Vatican, or any other church in Rome, it is best to cover up. This includes no short shorts or tank tops. It is not just about respecting cultural norms; you can be turned away if you are dressed inappropriately. If you want to be able to see the sites without risking being turned away, it is best for men and women to cover their shoulders and legs above the knee.


Don’t Order a Cappuccino After Noon

In Italy, a cappuccino is a breakfast beverage. It is common to drink it with a pastry in the morning. It is a milky concoction with a high caffeine content. Post-noon, Italians believe that the milk interferes with digestion of lunch and dinner. To avoid people judging you, it seems best to avoid ordering a cappuccino in the afternoon.


Don’t Throw Coins in Every Fountain

It is tradition to throw three coins in the Trevi Fountain. This is supposed to make your dreams come true and will allow you to return to Rome. Other fountains in Rome do not have this particular lore and thus throwing coins into them is useless and sort of like littering.


Don’t Try to Drive in Rome

Unless you have experience driving in Rome, it is probably safest to avoid it. There are unspoken rules on the road which means that if you have no experience, then their liberties with lanes, traffic lights and parking will likely be too much for you. Safety is not the only reason for this suggestion. Most of the centre of the city does not allow non-residents to drive through it. These ZLT zones exist to stop high traffic congestion around important landmarks to protect them from decay. Only residents have permits to drive through these areas and without a permit, you can receive hefty fines for entering these zones.


As the saying goes, “When in Rome, do as the Romans Do”. While a lot of these rules seem like suggestions, it is important to realize that to experience the city like a local, you have to act like a local. That means taking your time, eating food they eat and communicating how they communicate. This will make your trip to this magical city an amazing experience.