Noted! Top 5 Most Instagrammable Spots in Hallstatt, Austria

Have you ever wanted to live in an actual fairy tale? There are few places in the world that have the ability to give you that feeling. Even fewer places can make you feel that way from only a photograph. In Hallstatt, a small town in Austria, the term winter wonderland is a reality. Here are the top spots to take an Instagram photo for the ages.

The Alps!

Hallstatt is a small town nestled in the Alps. The snow-capped mountains surround the town and frankly it is hard not to get them in your photos. However, some vantage points show how truly breathtaking these mountains are.


The Swans!

The Hallstätter See is a beautiful clear lake that the town sits on. In the 1800’s, swans were imported and have been there ever since. As if this little town needed more fairy tale features, these animals are beautiful subjects for a picture.


The Skywalk!

Something to keep in mind while visiting is that Hallstatt is also famous for its salt mine or salzwelten. While the actual mines are interesting, the real draw is the skywalk attached to it. A picture at the end of the walk is almost mandatory. It shows the beautiful natural features of the region and you can definitely come up with some creative ideas for photos.


The Streets!

This is kind of a general suggestion but with the buildings and foliage throughout the town, it is hard not to take a picture of every street. The streets look unique enough that it will be hard for your followers to not see the recognizable aesthetic of Hallstatt.


The Full Landscape!

In one shot, you can get the mountains, unique buildings, lake and foliage that make this town so special. In the winter months, it looks like a festive winter village and you cannot miss the church lights at night. This whole package makes for a truly majestic photo.


Now it’s time for you to put your photography skills to the test in Hallstatt. Enjoy your scenic trip!