Noted! Top 5 Exciting Activities You Must Try While in Tuvalu.


Tuvalu, one of the world’s smallest sovereign country, is located in the Oceanic subregion of Polynesia. This unspoiled land is a perfect opportunity to rest amongst paradise, with crystal waters and thrilling nature sights, Tuvalu will make you tap into deep relaxation and enjoyment.

Get to know and explore the country through its people and not tour guides; there is no tourism information center, but Tuvaluans mostly speak english and are very friendly. They will guide you through any confusion and give you a chance to experience the country as a local yourself, giving you an exciting adventure! 

Here is a list of the best things to do while here, to get the most out of your trip!

Ride Around the Island

Tuvalu Motorbikes

Motorbikes are the most popular form of transportation in Tuvalu and are not too expensive, costing around $10 for a day, but vary based on your hotel or guesthouse. To get a sense of the country and how Tuvaluans live, take a self-tour in the capital Funafuti which is one long and thin line of land. Ride to the northern part of the island and turn around to get back to the southern end, some locals can even take you on the back of their own motorbike for the real experience!

Traditional Ceremonies

Kate Middleton visits Tuvalu

There are various cultural ceremonies that take place throughout the island during the year. One of these activities are traditional dance shows that display the beautiful Tuvaluan heritage and history. As seen in the picture, even Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge participated in the event during her Royal Tour with Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge. You can find these events through your local town hall, or Maneapa, or ask at your guest house. They will advise you on when these activities take place and what you should wear while attending them. For those who want to further experience island music, head to bars “Matagigali’ or “Tefota” where you can have fun with the locals and dance the night away.

Explore the Neighbouring Islands

Tuvalu Islands

There are a total of 9 main islands of Tuvalu, which you can explore via a boat trip that usually takes around 30 minutes from the capital, depending on the island. You will come across uninhabited lands, full of wildlife and palm trees, with vibrant corals and manta rays scattered across the waters. You may even see endangered sea turtles that hide in the sand! Try participating in one of the many activities on these islands, such as snorkelling, diving, and fishing.

Enjoy Sports with the Locals

Tuvalu Airstrip

When the sun starts to set and the air becomes cooler, the locals of Tuvalu gather at Funafuti’s airstrip to relax and participate in entertainment. Many play the national game of ‘Te Ano’ (the ball), or volleyball, soccer, and some just watch from the sidelines and chat! Located near this space is the prime minister’s house, where locals sometimes head to just to chat with. Drop by and enjoy the scenery and maybe even meet a few friends on the playfield!

Visit the WWII Wrecks

Tuvalu WWII Wrecks

Air force bases and American soldiers were stationed in Tuvalu during World War II, as a strategic location to attack Kiribati bases. You can see the debris that was left due to the war along the island of Fongafale, a landing craft in Nanumea, or even an underground bunker in Tepuka. These are some of the fascinating sites that Tuvalu has to offer, teleporting you back in history.

Tuvalu is a location that one must visit in their lifetime. Feel like a local in this beach paradise and have an amazing trip! So long, travellers!

Originally Written: Nadim Kassymov

Edited: Vinita Malik