NOTED! Scotland

Oh Scotland. The home of fantastic whiskey, green land and unicorns. With its lush forests and crazy mountains, this country is already very much known for its nature and geography.

A quick fact: did you know that the Unicorn is the national animal of Scotland?? How mystical is that?

Scotland landscape highland

The actual NOTED! fact is that Scotland is made up of almost 800 small islands that come together to build the entire country. There are a few of them that have been brought together to create collections, while the others are quite small and alone but they do have residents! Orkney is a collection of islands that has a mainland and a number of other islands under its wing. There are islands that have as little as 55 people in their population! Talk about a close community.

Another collection of islands is called Shetland that includes the island of Fair Isle. This island is exceptionally popular for its knitting technique that is one of the most recognizable patterns.

The most northern part in Great Britain is actually on one of these islands! The peninsula is called Dunnet Head and includes the point that is higher than all of Great Britain.

Getting to all of these islands is super easy with their ferry systems that is super consistent with going to the mainlands and to the islands.