Noted! Qatar: Richest Country in the World

Even though Qatar is one of the smaller countries in the Middle East, it is the richest country in the world, based on their per capita income. 

Qatar 2

The United Nations has classified Qatar as a country with high human development and the most advanced Arab state for human development. Most of their income comes from their natural gas reserves, which is the third largest in the world. Not to mention that Qatar shares a border with Saudi Arabia, an oil-rich country.

Another interesting fact is that before World War II, Qatar was one of the poorest and smallest nations in the world. Its main source of income came from fishing and pearling. When oil reserves were discovered in the 1940s, the country’s per capita started to boom and became more attractive to immigrants. Migrants changed everything for Qatar (mostly from South Asia) because it now makes up approximately 94% of its workforce. 

Qatar 3

Qatar is home to roughly 2.7 million people, but that number includes less than 700,000 women. The huge disparity is due to Qatar attracting many male migrant workers from South Asia following the oil boom in the 1970s.

Although one of the smaller countries in the Middle East, Qatar is an energy and oil-rich that is prospering!