Noted! Mediterranean walls of Kaleiçi

As a necessity of perceiving the history of Kaleiçi at the start of your stroll and to spend the day in happiness (according to a legend it is said that who passes through these gates spends the day in joy) you must enter Kaleiçi through the only remaining architectural gate around these olden walls; Hadrian’s Gate. This triumphal arch is built by Roman Emperor Hadrian, it’s ornamented with carvings floral designs.

Throughout the winding streets bougainvillea ornaments the place with their charming pink color. Do not get too beguiled by looking at them and miss your chance to get a drink though! The entrance is crowded with juice bars, so you should grab a refreshment before you continue your walk.

Photo by Vlada (@flashback_travel_guide) courtesy of Unsplash

As you go on discovering the place you will realize the harmony of history here, ottoman style architecture perfectly finds its place between these ancient walls, touches of mediterranean is visible too, every stone here makes you question the time.

Photo by Süleyman Uğuz (@suleymanuguz) courtesy of Unsplash

There are many museums in Antalya, and one of the most important museums of this city is located in Kaleiçi; Suna & Inan Museum. The museum offers an authentic peek into the life inside Kaleiçi around the 19th century, you can learn about the old Antalya here. Beneath the museum walls you can also visit the orthodox church which was built for Agios Georgios. The museum has a cosy tinge with its depiction of rural life, you may feel almost at home in this strange place.

Photo by Emrah Güler (@emrgrl81) courtesy of Unsplash

When you wind down towards the marina, you will be welcomed by the scented sea. Docked boats are waiting to take people on daily tours for swimming and sight-seeing. You can see some of the most beautiful waterfalls through your tour. And it’s the usual trip a proper local takes to swim, since the water is lovely in the open sea.

Photo by Engin Akyurt courtesy of Unsplash

As you’re about to finish your day we suggest walking out of this mystical place with a visit to Yivliminare Mosque, around the mosque you can find many places to drink Turkish tea, so you can watch the lights shine on the mosque as you sip on your tea!