NOTED! Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas skyline

One of the many notable things about Las Vegas is how many people decide to get married there. This isn’t too surprising as it’s one of the most lenient places to get married in all of the United States. 

All someone needs to have to be wed here is proof of age, a social security number and parental consent if they’re under 16 years old. Most other states require more thorough paperwork like a blood test, proof of residence or citizenship, birth certificates and the list goes on. Since October 9, 2014, same-sex couples have also been able to tie the knot after the Supreme Court finally made it legal.

Las Vegas sign

Since Las Vegas is known for being flashy and over the top, you bet their weddings are held to the same standard. 

Many of the major resorts offer wedding packages and have wedding planners on standby to plan the perfect ceremony for guests. You can be married on a gondola, in a mob-themed museum, in a helicopter, on a rollercoaster or most famously by an Elvis impersonator. 

The most popular days people get married on are Valentine’s day and New Year’s Day. As long as you get a marriage license from the marriage license office you could get married any time of the day in one of the 50+ chapels in Las Vegas!