Noted! The History of the Catacombs in Palermo

Some travelers may enjoy slightly somber and eerie experiences. While this is definitely an experience for a specific type of individual, it is also an incredible historical experience. Note: Pictures are not allowed inside the catacombs to preserve the state of the mummies and for ethical and religious reasons.

The Catacombe de Cappuccini is a famous site in Palermo. In the 16th century, the Capuchin monastery began creating crypts to place their monks after they died. They had run out of space in their original cemetery.

The element that makes this particularly unique is that the bodies have been preserved and mummified and then displayed. Later on, being preserved in these crypts was a status symbol and the deceased relatives would maintain the crypts through donations. One particular feature is the body of Rosalia Lombardo, a two year old girl that died in 1920 that still looks incredibly preserved despite the year she died.


While this excursion is not for everyone, it is still an important part of sightseeing in Palermo. Take a moment to experience this special historical site.