Noted! The Four Most Remarkable Castles in Cardiff


Photo by Dean Moriarty courtesy of Pixabay

The stunning city of Cardiff is the capital of Wales and home to over 20 different castles within the area. Each castle possesses its own unique charm from intricate architectural designs, down to a rich history of events that remains concealed within the walls, waiting to be explored.

These magnificent monuments were constructed with the purpose of serving as a palace for royalty. Although some smaller castles were used as bases for military personnel or political parties throughout the centuries.

Recently the majority of the castles have re-opened their doors to the public in light of the lifted COVID-19 restrictions in the UK and are thrilled for tourists to return to the grounds. Visitors are encouraged to spend 1-2 days exploring the sights in order to fully appreciate the ancient beauty and history each castle holds. Each castle listed below is only an hour’s drive away from central Cardiff so you can make the most of your time exploring!

Here are 4 famous castles that are a must-see when in Cardiff!

Cardiff Castle


Photo by Shengpengpeng Cai courtesy of Unsplash

Cardiff Castle was built by the Romans during the 1st century and was further constructed by the Normans in the 11th century. However, it was the Bute family who took over ownership during the 15th century and shaped the castle to fit the peculiar Victorian-gothic style housing.

Throughout the years the castle has served as a safe-house, especially during the time period of WW2 in order to protect the people of Cardiff from air raid strikes. Proving to be a noteworthy landmark, the grounds were officially deemed as one of Wales’s top heritage sites due to the castle’s prominent role in over 2000 years of history in the making!

The castle is now open to the public and has a variety of programs and events to offer for everyone! Want to explore the inside halls of this amazing castle? Choose from a variety of tours such as the house tour or the clock towers tour. Eager to learn more about the rich history? Sign up for an educational visit in which the castle arranges educational workshops for children. Looking to pick the perfect place to get married? The castle is open to couples who wish to say “I do” in this magical venue.

Cardiff Castle is sure to please visitors of all ages and truly make for a fun-filled experience with lots of activities for everyone!

Caldicot Castle


Photo by Wikipedia

Caldicot Castle is located in the southeast part of Wales in Monmouthshire. The grounds of the castle span over 50 acres of lush greenery, adding to the historic charm the building holds. Originally being home to the Normans back in 1086, the ownership of the castle has then been passed down through generations of nobility who have shaped the medieval castle into the beautiful Victorian-styled home that it is today.

The unique structure of the castle incorporates tall stone towers which proved to be useful in defending the castle walls and protecting its people during the wars in the Middle Ages. Inside the castle lies an abundance of spiral staircases, fireplaces and even a dungeon located on the basement floor of the castle.

Caldicot Castle is open from Tuesday to Sunday opening at 11 am and closing at 4 pm. In addition to the grounds, the country park is also open from 8:30 am, a perfect time to have a morning stroll around the gardens with a lovely cup of tea in hand.

Admission is free so be sure to bring your family and friends to experience all this wonderful castle has to offer!

Caerphilly Castle


Photo by Andy Watkins courtesy of Unsplash

Caerphilly Castle was constructed in 1286 by Lord Gilbert de Clare and it is the biggest castle in all of Wales. The castle was built with the purpose of serving as a stronghold against enemies and especially the Prince of Wales during that time.

This magnificent medieval castle is surrounded by tall towers on either side protecting the main areas of the castle. Not to mention the castle grounds are enclosed by a body of water covering over 30 acres further acting as a powerful defence mechanism from enemy attacks.

Over the years the castle has transitioned from a mighty fortress to a beautiful palace. In 1928, the Bute family who had restored Cardiff Castle during the Middle Ages also facilitated the restoration of Caerphilly Castle. It is especially thanks to the fourth Marquess of Bute who helped bring back the rustic charm to not only the castle but to Monmouthshire itself.

If you’re looking for a place overflowing with beauty and the history of battles, Caerphilly Castle is the place to be! Do not forget to reserve spots by pre-booking online and get ready to have a day full of action!

White Castle


Photo by Wikipedia

White Castle is another famous castle also located in Monmouthshire. King Edward the first, a very wealthy man in Wales later on claimed ownership of the castle along with two smaller castles in the nearby area.

The name “White Castle” comes from the colour of the cement used to build the masonry of the castle. Constructed in a very defensive manner, the castle walls are guarded by four strong circular pillars built by materials of the earth such as wood and reinforced by stone.

A unique feature of the White Castle is its pear-shaped interior which is further protected from enemy attacks by a large moat surrounding the castle grounds. The castle was also used as a battleground due to its protective structure. White Castle was one of three other castles which formed a defensive line at the border, keeping enemies at bay.

White Castle is free to visit and no pre-booking is necessary! Be a part of history by fully exploring the tales of battles this ancient medieval castle holds.

These castles are sure to make your trip to Cardiff filled with lots of action and history, guaranteeing to be a magical experience for all!

Originally Written: Simone Monteiro

Edited: Vinita Malik