Noted! Copenhagen, the City of Bike Lovers

Did you know that during peak hours, the biking lanes in Copenhagen can be as jam-packed as our regular traffic jams? Yes, you read it right! The people of Copenhagen love their bicycle saddles and this cycling culture is as old as the cycle itself! Come hail, storms, sun or snow, Copenhageners love their bikes.


Not only is this culture a major boost for the environment, but it is convenient, healthy, cheap and enjoyable! Everyone from politicians to the layman is seen riding their bikes every day. About 36% of the population ride their bikes to work, school, college, to run errands, or just commute around the city even. It is known that there could be more bikes in the city than people themselves. 

With over 375 kilometers of cycling tracks in the city, the traffic lights are set up in favor of cyclists during the rush hour. If you truly want to experience Copenhagen, you must get on a cycle and blend in. Don’t be overwhelmed by the number of bikes on the road when you visit, it is normal to see more bikes than cars on the roads of this city.