NOTED! Budapest

Welcome to a new series we are starting here at Lokafy! NOTED! is a new series that highlights the amazing information about cities all around the world. This week, we will be highlighting Budapest!


Did you know that Budapest is actually made up of two different cities? The two cities are Buda and Pest, making up the name of the city as well. They are the opposite sides of the River Danube in Hungary and have completely different personalities.


Buda has the reputation of being more quiet and residential area that is good for all your classy needs. This side has all the regal sights to see, such as Buda Castle and Rudas Baths. This is the side for a more leisurely visit and somewhere to relax! Buda is also known for its hilly nature.


Pest is the side where all the action happens! While it still does have a lot of buildings such as the Parliament and Opera house, it is more of a nightlife orientated city. It is full of good bars, clubs and restaurants where you can spend your night after a long day on the Buda mountains. Pest is actually the completely opposite of Buda, where their land is very flat like a prairie.

These two sides complete each other, making the experience of Budapest a wholesome and wonderful adventure!

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