Noted! Abandoned Dreamland of Nara

Before Tokyo Disneyland, there was Nara Dreamland. This theme park located in Nara, Japan, was heavily inspired by the design of Disneyland in California. Dreamland opened in 1961 and closed permanently after 45 years in 2006 because of the declining attendance to the park over the years. A place once filled with joy and happiness was left abandoned for 10 years, before finally being bought by a real estate company named SK Housing, who then demolished the park.

Nara Dreamland Town.jpg

In the late 1950s, Kunizo Matsuo visited the USA, and during his trip, he visited the then-new Disneyland Park in Anaheim. Seeing the park inspired him to bring Disneyland to Japan and he met with Walt Disney to discuss bringing a Disneyland to the old capital of Japan, Nara. Towards the end of the park's construction, Matsuo and Disney could not come to an agreement about the licensing fees of the Disney characters and so Matsuo instead opted to create his own park mascots. And so on July 1st, 1961 Dreamland was opened. When it initially opened the park was very popular and at its peak, it had 1.7 million visitors a year. But in 1983 Tokyo Disneyland was opened, this marked the start of the decline in attendance to the park. By 2004 Tokyo Disney Sea and Universal Studios Japan had also opened and the park's visitors were down to just 400,000 a year. The park began to decline in quality as fewer people came to visit it, till in 2006 it finally closed.

Nara Dreamland Cups.jpg

The now-abandoned park became popular with urban explorers who would come from around the world to explore the now derelict remains of the park. Known among locals and travelers as dead park, it attracted a lot of YouTubers and filmmakers, who trespassed to create new content for their audience. Many of the people who went inside the abandoned park took photos throughout the park. Seeing the photos of what was inside of the abandoned park are truly surreal. Seeing all these man-made structures left at the mercy of the elements, whole buildings in-tact but not another soul in sight it is indeed quite eerie. Although it has been demolished, its still one of the most talked-about places in the city.

Nara Dreamland Resturant.jpg