Noted! 4 Top Day Trips from Buenos Aires!

City of Buenos Aires

Argentina has so much to offer when it comes to attractions and highlights. Being culturally rich is a part of the draw to Buenos Aires itself. However, there is so much to explore just outside of the city that will lead to a greater understanding of the country. Today, we bring you our top 4 must-do day trips from Buenos Aires, which will not only make you fall in love with the country more but will also bring the adventurer in you out. Let’s take a look at the four local amazing hidden gems just outside the city.!

1 . Estancia Don Silvano

If you are looking to get immersed in the Gaucho culture, then the Don Silvano Ranch is where you should start. Gauchos are talented horsemen, and this ranch reflects that. You can spend the day at this cattle ranch and ride a horse. They can teach you how to herd cattle, ride in a horse-drawn carriage. If that is not your thing, then you can listen to traditional folk music and watch locals dancing the tango. There is so much to do that even if you do not a horse person, you will enjoy your time there.

Location:Estancia Don Silvano on the map

Ranch- Buenos Aires

2 . Iguazú Falls

Visiting this beautiful UNESCO World Heritage Site will be worth the journey to get there. Not sure how much time you should spend? Well, an early flight to reach and a late flight back is necessary to spend all the time to absorb the dreamy experience. The falls are surrounded by a giant park that you can enjoy. Fun Fact: The falls are located on the border between Brazil and Argentina. They continue on the Brazilian side and thus create the largest natural waterfall in the world. This is a journey worth taking.

Location:Iguazú Falls on the map

Iguazú Falls- Argentina

3 . Aquafan Waterpark

If you are travelling with family and kids, you should add Aquafan waterpark to your itinerary. Have a wholesome family experience, while trying out the home of the highest water slide in South America. Thrill-seekers will love this adrenaline-pumping experience. At night, it is strictly adults-only so parents and groups of friends can also enjoy their time.

Location:Aquafan Waterpark on the map

Aquafan Waterpark- Argentina

4 . Adventures in Salta

What is the best way to see the beautiful landscape of Argentina? From above, of course! Salta is home to a great ziplining adventure. For those daredevils who are not satisfied with the water slides at Aquafan, a day here will pique your interest. They also have river rafting tours that combine with the zip lining excursions. Salta is also a beautiful place to walk through and explore.

Location: Salta on the map

Salta- Argentina

This is only the beginning of the excursions you can take. If you book in advance, you can experience some amazing things. These hidden gems will be the best part of your trip. Enjoy Argentina, Hasta luego travellers!

Originally Written- Gabrielle Goldson

Edited- Vinita Malik