Lokafyer Profile: Samos from New Orleans

Hey Samos! Tell us a bit about yourself!

I’m a 33 year old from Brazil. I came to NOLA 10 years ago to work with my brother flipping houses. I immediately fell in love with this city – the music, the mixed cultures, the architecture, the food… and now I’m proud to call NOLA my home.

New Orleans streets

Why did you decide to become a Lokafyer?

I’ve received family and friends from all over the world and I’ve loved showing them around my city and helping them to enjoy it as much as I do. Five months ago I received an email from Lokafy asking if I was interested in guiding people from South America, and because I speak Spanish too, I was happy to help them to enjoy their time in New Orleans. This isn’t a job for me, it’s a pleasure.

What do you love most about New Orleans?

The spirit of NOLA is something very special. It’s the most unique place in the USA, in terms of it’s cultural diversity, food, music and language. People come here to have a good time, so as we say here… “laissez les bons temps rouler” – let the good times roll! I love the French Quarter. The scenery, the feeling, the smells, the music coming from every corner. The feeling of walking through history – complex and varied, and incredibly enchanting!

New Orleans streets music

If someone came to visit you, where would you take them to eat?

Baccahanal wine bar – excellent food and a great vibe. Parkway tavern and bakery – for excellent po’ boys and a local atmosphere. Commanders Palace on a Monday-Thursday lunchtime for reasonable set menus and 25 cent martinis, in a fabulous setting. Elizabeth’s for brunch in the Bywater – the most artsy and alternative district in NOLA.

New Orleans streets bus

When you aren’t working for Lokafy, what do you like to do for fun?

When I’m not doing my walking with tourists from Lokafy, I enjoy very much going to French Quarter, for life music and food! Every week, at least twice I go and have a lovely dinner at French Quarter, especially on Royal St, and go in a Jazz Club at Bourbon St. Also I go to Bacchanal for a great, amazing dinner Friday/Saturday night and vibe and see some friends. I Work off a hangover at the Country Club every Sunday!

I love to go to Couturie Forest in City Park (very naturey and good getaway from the city and ability to see natural swampy beauty and animals. Like now in the summer to go to Ponchartrain beach to chill; great place for a picnic and just to drive along Lakeshore Dr. Really a million other things I could do, such as, a river cruise, swamp tour, etc!