Lokafyer Profile: Sabrina from San Francisco

Hi Sabrina! Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I am a Venezuelan girl living in Berkeley. I’m currently studying Fashion Design and Photography. I have been living in the Bay Area since 2015 and I have mostly dedicated to explore the city and California in my free time. I can say that I am pretty much in love with San Francisco. There is always something to do and new things to explore!

What made you want to join Lokafy?

A friend contacted me once telling me that she was working with Lokafy and needed someone who could do a tour in San Francisco, but also someone who knew it really well. She knows I am really passionate about San Francisco, so she asked me if I wanted to be part of Lokafy, which I didn’t even need to think about because what’s better than showing the wonders of San Francisco to people around the world?!

What do you love most about San Francisco?

The fact that there are so many cultures in such a small place. How open mind people are and how they always welcome people.

SF Sabrina Lokafyer Profile

If someone came to visit you, where would you take them to eat?

I would take them to eat at the Boudin bakery in Fisherman’s wharf! Here is where you can get the iconic Clam Chowder soup served in a bread bowl.