Lokafyer Profile: Paul Hogenboom

Amsterdam canal

Tell us a little bit about yourself:

I am a professional International Photographer for over 30 years. I grew up in the south of the Netherlands close to the German border. We watched two Dutch and two German channels on our black and white TV, so I learned German at the age of four. I studied 4 other languages: French, Italian, English and Spanish. For my work these languages are very useful. My French and English are OK due to my work, I know to explain myself in English. But Above all this I love my city of Amsterdam. This is the city were we live at the moment and where my boys go to school and grow-up.

Why did you decide to join Lokafy?

One day I saw a request on Facebook that Lokafy urgently needed a German speaking tour guide for the next day. They explained their need and I thought, “why not, I am very stressed at the moment due to my work… let’s just do something completely different.: I know my city, I have my thoughts about Amsterdam and it’s policy… I am not always in favor of our government, but I love to live in this free and open city”.


What do you love most about your city?

I think Amsterdam is an easy city… This of course depends on the quarter where you are, but I think that you can let your daughter come home at night without worrying to much… Amsterdam is a capital, and also a large village… Not a BIG CITY.

If someone comes to visit you, where would you take them to eat? 

I would taken them to: Pizza Taxi, Centuurbaan. ( traditional Italian Kitchen, well priced) Further: L’ gangoletto, Heymonystraat, by Aldo. And I Kriti, Greek Restaurant Balthasar Floriszstraat 3. traditional Greek kitchen and if you are lucky and the owner had enough Ouzo..you’ll get Live Music