Lokafyer Profile: Meet Dieter from Cape Town

Hi Dieter! Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I was born in Oranjemund, Namibia and worked on a diamond mine for Anglo Americans. I then moved to Cape Town in 1984 and worked for a leading construction company that built many of the landmarks of Cape Town.

During my weekends I explored the great mountains all around Cape Town and have been leading hiking groups on the trails for the past 30 years. My passion was to get to know my surroundings and explored the many wine lands, quaint restaurants and weekend markets. Naturally, I then registered as a cultural and mountain hiking tour guide with the South African Department of Tourism.

Lokafyer Profile: Dieter from Cape Town

Why did you join Lokafy?

I started in March 2017 when [Lokafy] contacted me and we discussed the concept of visitors to Cape Town exploring the city with a local. I enjoy showing small groups of travelers all the hidden secrets of Cape Town.

What do you love most about your city?  

There are a whole host of reasons, spanning from the scenic mountains, beaches, vineyards, to the array of cultures and infinite adventures that can be found in Cape Town. I love Cape Town because it’s original. Nowhere on earth will you find a great place with even greater people. Cape Town is the pinnacle of African culture. I love the smell, the feel, the landscape. There is no place more beautiful than Cape Town.

Cape Town South Africa

If someone comes to visit you, where would you take them to eat?

This is subject to what they wish to eat, whether it be seafood, meat, vegan, Italian, local, etc. However, Cape Town has some of the top seafood restaurants, such as Cod Father, Blow Fish, Orca, and Harbour House. If they’re looking for traditional dinner theater, Gold Restaurant and Kaapse Stories are great options. And just some top, all-round restaurants in the city include Pot Luck Club, Chefs Warehouse, La Colombe, and The Test Kitchen.

Cape Town South Africa vineyards

When you’re not working for Lokafy, what do you like to do for fun?

I love to explore the city, filled with endlessly new coffee shops, restaurants, galleries, and distilleries, especially because there are around 600 wine estates which can be found around Cape Town. And I can’t forget to mention a hike up the great Cape Mountain ranges exploring the hidden valleys, rivers, and waterfalls.

Thanks Dieter for sharing about your life here at Cape Town and continuing to be such an amazing Lokafyer!