Lokafyer Profile: Lennart from Stockholm

The name Lokafy is a combination of “Lok” which means people in Hindi and “fy” the suffix meaning to make. The concept of Lokafy was to make travel about the people you meet and not just the places you visit. An integral part of making us successful is our Lokafyers. A lot of people love to travel but very few have the knack to connect with people and places. Lennart from Stockholm decided to become a Lokafyer as he wanted to combine two things he loves doing best- travelling and meeting new people. A city that he calls home is the epicenter of a vibrant culture, great food, and beautiful architecture. Lennart spills the beans on why he decided to become a Lokafyer and the places you must visit while in Stockholm. 

1. Hi Lennart, tell us a bit about yourself!

My name is Lennart. I moved to Stockholm from Germany because I found the love of my life in this really nice country. A nice fact is that my name in Sweden is normally for older men like in the 60-70 age and it feels like every Swedish Person has at least one older family member who is called Lennart. So my name is always a good conversation opener up here in the north. 


2. Why did you decide to join Lokafy?

I read a facebook post where Lokafy was searching for a German-speaking guide who can guide a tour the next day. I thought to myself that this would be something for me because I love the city and meeting new people is a passion of mine. It worked out and the same evening I was planning a nice 2-hour tour with my partner. Interestingly, when we visited the castle for the guards shift change (highly recommend to see) the couple who I was guiding was spotted the King of Sweden Carl XVI Gustaf. I thought there was no way he is walking around the castle. But to my surprise, he was and it was nice to see the same. 


3. What do you love most about your city? 

I love that the city is near the water and Stockholm itself is built on 14 Islands and 57 bridges. But in my opinion, you haven't seen Stockholm if you haven't made a boat tour in the archipelago. The 30.000 islands invite you to take a day and spend it on one of them. One can visit different kind of restaurants and even a brewery on "Fjäderholmarna". 


4. If someone comes to visit you, where would you take them to eat?

 There is a lot to choose from. Viking in the old town is quite famous But my favourite is a classic Swedish dish which is traditionally served on lunchtime and on Tuesday's. You can get it all kind of Pub's and restaurants which offer Swedish food. It's called "Raggmunk med fläsk och lingonsylt" in Swedish. It's a potato pancake with thick bacon slices and lingonberry jam. It is so good.


5. When you’re not working for Lokafy, what do you like to do for fun?

People in Stockholm are really fit and so am I. Although Stockholm has great food and Cinnamon buns to gorge on, I stay fit by going to the gym and burning all those calories.