How to Get from Johannesburg Airport to City Centre

Congratulations, you have just reached Johannesburg Airport and depending on how long of a flight you were just on, you must be excited! There are two ways of travel to reach Johannesburg’s city centre and I will highlight them all down below! 😊


Joburg 2

The Gautrain is the main train connection to get to the city centre through a connecting stop at Sandton station. The trip usually lasts about 20 minutes. A one-way ticket costs 10.50 euros (170 ZAR). The tickets can be purchased from vending machines located in the airport. They accept cash or debit/credit card. The Gautrain network runs from 4:50 am to 9:20 pm.


Joburg 3

The airport offers many taxi connections to get to the centre of the city. A ride in an airport taxi lasts about 40 minutes and the general fare is close to 38 euros (600 ZAR). Unlike the train, taxis are always available 24/7.


Although taxis are readily more available, the best mode of transportation to get the city centre is by train. Train trips are 10 to 15 minutes faster than taking a taxi. No matter which mode of transportation you decide to take, safe travels and have a fun time exploring!