Hello New York!

Lokafy made its New York City debut at last week's Women's Travel Fest last week. Conference attendees got the opportunity to see the neighborhoods of lower Manhattan through the eyes of Lokafy's local guides. Women's Travel Fest is a three-day summit in which travel industry professionals from around the world meet to network, learn, and get inspired about travel! Coincidentally, while the summit attendees got their introduction to New York, we were also introducing New York City to Lokafy!

NYC Travel story Paula

I'm Paula, one of New York's Lokafyers, and I had the pleasure of giving one of the tours at last week's Women's Travel Fest. I was very impressed to learn that everyone in our tour group had actually traveled from out-of-state to attend the Women's Travel Fest summit. We had travelers from California, Connecticut, Colorado, and Wisconsin!

We started our tour with views of the Manhattan skyline from my favorite viewing rooftop in Little Italy. It was a beautiful morning and felt very peaceful above the street level. Then we walked down Mulberry street and stumbled upon gorgeous murals and intriguing street art. I was so glad everyone was just as enthusiastic about public art!

After crossing Canal street, we began the Chinatown portion of the tour. Chinatown is such a vibrant area. Amongst the 6 of us, we each noticed something different, whether it was an alluring bakery, a quirky storefront, or the little pagoda details on the rooftops. I described some of the history and urban legends of the neighborhood as we strolled, but most of our conversation was about the love of travel that we all shared. I loved hearing everyone's amazing travel stories!

We finished our tour with a stop in an unassuming but delicious dumpling shop and dessert at the Chinese bakery and ice cream factory.  Overall, a fantastic day, and an exciting start to Lokafy NYC!