Getting to Stockholm From Arlanda Airport

Stockholm Arlanda airport

Arriving in a new city can be overwhelming, and what can be even more overwhelming is arriving in a new city without knowing how to get to your destination. You surely don’t want to find yourself scrambling around the airport last minute trying to figure out where to go next, especially with a language barrier and a handful of luggage. That’s why it’s important to learn what modes of transportation are available in Stockholm before you actually land at Arlanda Airport.

There are four airports that have international traffic to and from Stockholm, but the main airport, used by the majority of airlines, is Stockholm Arlanda Airport. Stockholm Arlanda Airport is located 40 km north of Stockholm City and is most accessible by bus, train, and taxi.

We will run you through the list of transportation methods to best reach downtown Stockholm and discuss the best options for your specific needs.

Stockholm train express

Arlanda Express Train

Single Ride – SEK 280

20 Minutes

The Arlanda Express train is the fastest and easiest method of transportation to get to downtown Stockholm. It takes only 20 minutes to reach Stockholm Central station and is easily accessible from beneath the arrivals terminal.

The train departs every 15 minutes during the day and every 30 minutes at night. Tickets can be purchased at the yellow ticket machines in the arrivals hall, at the counter, or in advanced online.

Ticket prices vary in price:

Adult from 26 years – Single ride SEK 280

Children 0-17 years – accompanied – Free

Children/Youth 8-25 years – unaccompanied – Single ride SEK 150

Student – Single ride SEK 140

There are also three online-only discounts for early bird ticket buyers:

Early Bird 90-days advance purchase – Single Ride SEK 154

Early Bird 30-days advance purchase – Single Ride SEK 196

Early Bird 14-days advance purchase – Single Ride SEK 252

Stockholm bus

Flygbussarna Shuttle Bus

Single Ride (with online discount) – 99 SEK

35-45 Minutes

Another great option to get to downtown Stockholm is the Flygbussarna Shuttle Bus. The shuttle buses are a cheaper alternative to the train and offer much cheaper fares when purchased onlineahead of time. Although the tickets are cheaper, there are no discounts offered to students and the youth ticket is only available to people under 17.

The bus departs from the arrivals hall of the airport and takes anywhere from 35-45 minutes to reach Stockholm Central Station.

Stockholm taxi


Taxi prices are not regulated in Sweden; therefore, they may vary greatly in price and many cab drivers will try to scam tourists. Be sure to ask the driver the price before getting into the vehicle so you don’t arrive at your destination with a scare. Most regulated taxis have a yellow and white label which is usually located on the rear door window that states pricing based on a 10km journey. It is advised to only use the yellow cabs because they are more reliable and have more reasonable fares.

Most of the major taxi companies have fixed prices between Arlanda Airport and Stockholm Central Station that ranges from SEK 450-500.

Taking a taxi to downtown Stockholm is the most expensive method of transportation and therefore is not advised unless unavoidable.


Arlanda Express is the fastest and most convenient method of transportation to downtown Stockholm. It takes about 20 minutes to reach Stockholm Central Station, and tickets are very reasonably priced.

Flygbussarna Shuttle Buses are the cheapest way to get to downtown Stockholm. It is advised to purchase tickets online ahead of time because of the discount. It takes about 35-45 minutes to reach Stockholm Central Station.

Taxi cabs are not regulated in Sweden so the prices vary tremendously. Taxis are the most expensive option to reach Stockholm Central Station but have the convenience of taking you directly to your destination.