Getting to Singapore from Changi Airport

Hello everyone! Have a good flight? I bet you’re super tired and just want to get to your hotel or Airbnb and just relax, well I am here to help you out and find the best ways to get from Singapore Changi Airport to your place of residence!

All of this information was taken from the Changi Airport website but organized on this one page for your convenience! You can check out the website here!

Shuttle Bus

Our first way of traveling is by the City Shuttle that the airport provides! Coming every 15 minutes during peak hours and every 30 minutes during non-peak hours is a very frequent and reliable way to get to your comfy hotel bed. Also, with its large list of downtown hotels that is travels to, you won’t have an easier time getting there. You can check out the list of hotels that provide the shuttle service here!

The prices for the shuttle depends on age, giving two options: one for adult and one for child (under the age of 12)

Adult fare: $9

Child fare (under the age of 12): $5

ALSO! If the Changi Airport is just a stop on your journey and you need to continue, there is also a shuttle bus that can take you to the Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal, which can bring you to surrounding Indonesia islands!

Singapore airport

Public Transit

The airport is connected to a couple forms of public transit, the train and bus!


The train is accessible from Terminal 2 and 3. If you would like to go into the city, you will need to go onto the Westbound train from the Tanah Merah stop. The first train leaves at 5:31AM from Monday to Saturday and then 5:59AM on Sundays and holidays! On the SMRT website, you can also use the fare calculator to see how much it will be to travel. For a tester, I put in Changi Airport to the Downtown stop and it was $1.72 for an adult and $0.58 for student!

You can view the Train System map here! You may need to transfer lines to get to different places around the city but this map is super easy to read and available to you whenever.


The bus is available from Terminal 1, 2 and 3s basement bus areas. These areas are for the 27, 53, 858 bus routes only, while there is also a few more available at the Terminal 4, such as 24, 34, 36, 110! You can also use the website for the fare calculator as it also works for the bus routes. There are so many different bus routes but if you use this, it is an interactive map that allows you to see all of the different ways to get around!

Singapore bus transportation


If you’re traveling in a group then maybe you should consider getting a limousine/large taxi for your transportation! A 4 seater costs $55 and a 7 seater costs $60 and these are both available right from the airport! You just have to go to the Arrival Halls where you will find a concierge that will help you with all of your group van needs!


Your cheapest option would be the Public Transit train or bus. Your quickest option would most likely be the private limousine. Your most convenient option would be the shuttle bus!

I hope you enjoy your trip to Singapore and this page helped you find your way to your lovely bed after all that traveling!