Getting to San Francisco from SFO Airport

The city of cable cars and the Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco is a gorgeous place in northern California that is covered in fog all year round! It is busy with the university life, the windy hills and the electric downtown core. When visiting San Francisco, the whole city waits for you to explore.

You just arrived at San Francisco International Airport and are dying to get to your bed for the night. Here we have a list of ways to get from the airport to the mattress!

San Francisco Golden Gate bridge

Public Transit

San Francisco has a couple different kinds of transit – subways and buses – that are available from the airport into the downtown core. Both use multiple ticket types and a common system called the Clipper card, which is like a smart card that saves you money when you use it more than once. You can load it and continue to use it as you travel, such as the Presto card in Toronto, or the Oyster card in London.

San Francisco BART

BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit)

BART is San Francisco’s subway system and it goes everywhere in the city. They have multiple ticket types available and each of their values differ depending on the distance travelled. They’re also separated by age: blue for adult, orange for youth, and green for senior. To get from the airport to the downtown core as an adult, it costs $9.15 with a Clipper Card or $9.65 with a BART Blue Ticket.

To get to BART, you’ll take the Airtrain – which you can find in all terminals – to Garage G AirTrain/BART station stop. Once you arrive there, you can proceed to take BART downtown and then wherever else you need to go in the city!

San Francisco bus


The SamTrans is the bus system in San Francisco. This system also has multiple tickets available:

Adult (19-64) – $2.25
– With Clipper Card $2.05
– Day Pass $5.50

Youth (18 and younger) – $1.10
– With Clipper Card $1.00
– Day Pass $2.75

Senior prices are the same as the youth.

The SamTrans has two different routes that go into the city, the KX and the 292. The difference between the two routes is that the KX goes through Redwood City Transit Center and the 292 goes through Hillsdale Mall, but they both serve the airport and can bring you into the city!

Airport Shuttle

After looking through all the options for the shuttles at the airport, we narrowed it down to the one that was the most convenient and made the most sense.

phone app San Francisco


This method is $17 for each person one way, BUT it drops you off anywhere from the airport. Another reason we named this method is because they are also a service you can use around the city using their app that has you located and picked up as your convenience so you can go to the airport after.

They have 4 different options for rides:

  • Shared Shuttle
  • Non-Stop Shuttle
  • Black Car
  • Black SUV

Taxi Cabs

With taxis, it always depends on where you are and the time of day. In San Francisco, it is already $4 to leave the airport in a taxi, and an additional $3.50 for the first 1/5 mile and then another $0.55 every 1/5 mile after that. All of this does add up to quite a bit of money but it does secure the comfort of being in your own car and having your own space after a long flight!


The leastexpensive option is the SamTrans bus system and the quickest option would be a taxi or non-stop shuttle from SuperShuttle.

I hope this helps keep your travels stress-free and comfortable! Enjoy your time in the foggy city!