Christmas in Berlin through a local's eye

Our team member Jule moved to Berlin after her internship in Toronto and tells you how the Christmas spirit is slowly spreading in Berlin.


What a crazy year, right? But let's not end the year on a negative note, let's talk about how life has changed right now. It's really exciting, especially when you talk to Lokafyer around the world about the current situation and find out how the situation is going in different parts of the world. All the more we are interested in your Christmas, how is it shaping up this year? Probably quite different from the years before, right?

Because of the tough year, with the global pandemic, I didn't know if I would be able to see my family at Christmas. There is a hard lockdown in Germany right now, stores are closed, Christmas markets are not happening and contact restrictions have been imposed as well. I've never been so early with buying Christmas presents like this year. And I think that sentence doesn't just come out of my mouth. Already in mid-November, I had as good as all Christmas gifts together.

Berlin is getting colder and windier, so you like to spend time at home. Baking cookies, decorating the apartment and listening to Christmas music. Also, the fairy lights hang outside on the streets and decorate the city centre wintry.

Berlin by Jule

Especially recommended is the street towards the “Brandenburg Tor”, the Museum Island, but also the Friedrichstraße. So, if you ever visit Berlin at Christmas, be sure to visit the places in the afternoon, when it is dark.

This year, everything will be different, including Christmas. Our families meet via online tools, like Zoom or Skype, just to avoid contact. It's crazy how tech-savvy my grandma can get after all hihi. How do you spend your Christmas? Is your town decorated yet?

We wish you as a company a wonderful and peaceful Christmas. Stay healthy and enjoy the time (whether online or in-person) with your loved ones.

We look forward to the next year with you.

Written and translated by Jule Weidner