Arriving in Helsinki: How to Get From the Airport to the Main City

Congratulations, you have just reached Helsinki Airport and depending on how long of a flight you were just on, you must be excited! There are three ways of travel to reach Helsinki’s city centre and I will highlight them all down below! 😊

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There are several bus services that will take you to Helsinki’s city centre. There are two lines of public transportation that directly align you to the city. That’s line 615 and 617. Line 615 is between Helsinki Airport and the railway station. This service operates 24/7. Line 617 operates from Monday to Friday. Its route is from the airport to Hakaniemi Market, in the city centre. 

Bus Fares

The Finnair bus connects the airport with the city centre (Central railway station) and it comes every 20 minutes. The fare is 6.30 euros and you can buy tickets online.

A single ticket fare from the airport to city centre is 2.20 euros through a mobile purchase. An online purchase is 2.50 euros and a purchased ticket in advance is 2.90 euros. There’s also a free airport bus that circulates in the parking lots and terminals every 15 minutes from 3:30 am to 1:30 am. 


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Helsinki Airport is connected to downtown by the airport rail link. The trip to Helsinki Central Station is roughly 30 minutes. This train connection began in 2015 and it runs about every 10 minutes on peak hours. The train station is located on the arrivals floor and it’s between terminals 1 and 2. There are two lines that run through the airport: line “I” and line “P”. Line I runs via Huopalahti to Helsinki Central Station. Line P Runs to Helsinki Central Station via Tikkurila. Tikkurila Railway Station is 8 km from the airport. The same fares from the bus apply to the trains as well.


It takes about 30 minutes to get the Helsinki’s city centre via taking a car or taxi. All taxis and cabs can be found outside of terminals 1 and 2. The average price is 50 euros. By mode of taxi, it is easier to get to and from Helsinki Airport because it is located 17 km north of Helsinki, at Vantaa city. At Helsinki Airport, there are many taxi services that offer fixed price rates. Even if is a shared ride, it is much cheaper and is a valuable mode of transportation. You can pay by cash or any common credit cards. 


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Taking a taxi is the most efficient mode of transportation as it is a fixed fare system and the travel won’t take too long. You can also take the bus, but with heavy luggage, it could end up being a hassle. No matter which mode of transportation you decide to take, safe travels and have a fun time exploring! 😊