Arriving in Calgary : From the International Airport to City Centre

You’ve arrived at Calgary International Airport. The mountains and the scenic sky paint a beautiful landscape for your arrival, and you’re excited to get downtown to start exploring the city. Below you’ll find different transportation ways to access Calgary’s downtown core. 

Public Transit

Cost: $10.75

Duration: 50 minutes

Calgary Transit’s bus Route 100 and Route 300 connects the airport to downtown from bus Bays 7, 8 and 32. Route 100 connects to North Pointe Bus Terminal as well as McKnight-Westwinds CTrain LRT station in the northeast region of the city. The CTrain can take you to the downtown core, south or northwest Calgary. On weekdays, the bus departs from the airport every 20 minutes starting at 5:45 AM until 1AM while on weekends the service runs every 30 minutes starting at 6AM and ending at 12AM. Route 300 is an express bus with limited stops connecting the airport directly to the downtown core via Centre Street. On weekdays, the bus departs from the terminal every 20 minutes from 5AM to 12 AM, while on weekends the service runs every 30 minutes from 5:30AM to 12AM. 

To purchase your tickets for using public transit you will need to head to Standstone Pharmacies at the Departures level in the Domestic Terminal, or alternatively at ticket vending machines located at Bay 7 (located across from Arrivals Door 2) and 32 (located across from Arrivals Door 15). You might notice that the $10.75 fare is higher than the normal one-way fare of $3.40. This is because the ticket you purchase from the airport gives you all-day access to all CTrains and buses in Calgary, as well as a return ticket to the airport. So if you’re looking to explore the hidden treasures of the city, this option is your best bet!


Cost: $45

Duration: 25-30 mins

24 hour taxi service is available on the arrivals level from both the Domestic and International terminals provided by Associated Cabs Ltd. Taxi stands in the domestic terminal are located outside of doors 1 and 6 while in the international terminal they are located outside of doors 16 and 17. Fares are based on meter rates but you can expect them to range between $40-45 for a trip to downtown core. Wheelchair accessible cabs are also available upon request. 

Car Rentals

Cost: Varies

Duration: 25-30 minutes

If you want to rent a car for your stay in Calgary, you can head to the The Rental Car centre located on the Departures Level across the roadway from the Domestic terminal. Various car rental companies are located at this booth. You can choose the company and car that suits you and your travel needs the best. 

Shuttle Service 

Cost: $15

Duration: 30-40 minutes

You also have the option of using the Allied Downtown Shuttle, which offers on-demand transportation between the airport and most major hotels within the city. (Many hotels offer complimentary shuttle service of their own so we would highly recommend checking with your hotel beforehand.) The Allied shuttle operates between 8am and 12am departing every 30 minutes from Bus Bays 19 and 29. The cut off time to get on board the shuttle before each departure is 5 minutes. To purchase tickets you can visit the two designated Allied Shuttle counters located on the Arrivals level by Door 5 and Door 12. You can also visit their website to purchase tickets online