6 Ways to Travel Like a Local

Some of the best travel experiences happen spontaneously. Before you go to a new place, you typically have a list of things you are excited to do. However, when you get there, you may figure out that travelling like a local beats the tourist-y things you originally wanted to do. There are specific things you can do to make your trip more authentic to the country. This blog will provide you with 6 tips on how to travel like a local!

Don’t Go During Tourist Season

It is normal to want to travel at a specific time like summer or other holidays. In fact, you may not have the time to travel outside of those times. However, there are certain cities that tend to make for a better experience during unusual times. For example, during the summer months, a lot of locals tend to leave Paris so most people populating the city are tourists. If you go at a different time of year, like the spring or fall, then you can have a more authentic experience and meet locals.


Ask Locals for Recommendations

Wherever you are from, you probably have an idea of some special places you would recommend to visitors. These experiences are most likely not in guidebooks or may seem strange at first. If you happen to come across some friendly locals while on vacation, ask them for some suggestions. They may tell you about a delicious restaurant or a beautiful park. They could also tailor their suggestion to your personal interests. Locals are an important source of knowledge when travelling.


Don’t Over-schedule Your Days

Remember, this is your leisure time. Don’t pack your days to the point that you can’t even enjoy your vacation. If you go to a place that has a strong café culture, try relaxing with some local coffee or treats and sitting outside on a patio. To experience a city like a local, you have to act like a local.


Take Public Transit

This is a cheap way to get around the place you are visiting. You may be in a place where this is not possible or practical, but in other places, it is a great way to travel like a local. You can get to places easily while also experiencing one aspect of a local’s daily life.


Visit a Local Market

Local markets can be exciting and delicious experiences. A great way to experience a culture is not just eating local food, but shopping for food at local places. Markets typically have fresh local produce available and some even have local crafts etc. Local brand names of some of your favourite foods can also be available.


Study Abroad

This is not an option everyone has, but it is a great way to live like a local in a new place. You can live in an apartment, grocery shop, go on day trips and meet new local friends. It is an amazing experience that can be done at any age.


Even if you are only in a place for a day, you can experience it like a local. Have a safe trip, travellers!