5 Reasons why Cuernavaca should be your next destination


Source: @gabyflowerz on Instagram.

A city 30 minutes to an hour and a half from Mexico City, capital of Mexico, where inhabitants of the city go for the weekend to relax and get away from the noise of the always awake Mexico City.

Although nowadays it is mostly a weekend getaway for Mexicans and a place to retire too for US citizens, Cuernavaca is a gem for travellers. Known for its warm climate and architecture for centuries, Cuernavaca has been a place of tourism for princes, oil typhoons, and students (who come to one of the many schools in Cuernavaca to learn Spanish). 

Local Events 

Every night, the center of the city comes alive with dancers, acrobats, and various events, while the weekends bring the nightlife with many nocturnal clubs and bars opening to welcome the influx of people from Mexico City that come to enjoy a nice break. 

Visit Historic Sites

In the city itself, there are various historic sites, such as The Palacio de Cortez, the oldest European style building in the Americas, modelled to have a slight renaissance vibe, and said to have been built to resemble the mansion of Diego Colón. It was the residence of Hernan Cortez and his descendants, a jail, a warehouse, a military barrack, and even the State Government Palace until 1969, it was restored in the ’70s to become the Museo Regional Cuauhnahuac and now houses the history of the state of Morelos from the first human settlement to present day as well as various murals by famous Mexican painter Diego Rivera.

Near the Palacio, you can find the Cathedral, also built by Hernan Cortez to double as a fortress; it was the home of the Third Order of Franciscans. The Cathedral contains a painting of the first Mexican saint. During the Reformation most of the land belonging to the monastery passed to the state, followed by private buyers. Nowadays on what would be the land, there is the Revolution Garden, the Robert Brady Museum which contains various famous paintings by numerous Latin Artists. The grounds also contain the Capilla Abierta, Open Chapel, one of the oldest buildings on the grounds. Three other chapels are located near the Cathedral.

Food for Art and you

If you are a lover of the art, Cuernavaca also has many museums dedicated to housing art such as Museo Morelense de Arte Contemporáneo Juan Soriano, Morelos Museum of Popular Arts, Museo de la Ciudad de Cuernavaca (with 12 exhibits, six for permanent use and six for temporary exhibits), Museum of Contemporary Indigenous Art (In the oldest civilian building on the street). One can also eat at Casa Rivera, once home to famous artist Frida Kahlo and her husband Diego Rivera. 

For the Nature Lovers

Gardens come in various forms in the City of Eternal Spring: From the Orchids in the Revolution Garden to Borda Garden that also house a museum and is used for events, or Morelos and Juárez Gardens in the center of the city, as well as The Chapultepec Ecological Park that is home to different animal species and has playgrounds for children. And these are only a few of the various gardens or nature spots one can visit in the City.

Outside Cuernavaca

Half an hour for Cuernavaca is Taxco, famous for its silver. Once it was full of mines from which the metal was extracted, but now a day it has become famous for the way it manipulated silver. From jewelry to silverware, If you want something in silver in Taxco it can be made. You can easily get a taxi from Cuernavaca to Taxco or if you want to the full experience with a tour that will transport you there directly. Taxco is on a mountain and therefore most bus services will only go to the edge of town and you will have to either walk to the city center or take a taxi. 

Tepozltan, fifteen minutes away from Cuernavaca, nicknamed “Pueblo Magico”, is known for its alternative medicine, spas, traditional city center where everything is at a walkable distance, and the famous mountain where you can walk to the top and visit The Tepozteco, the ruins of a pyramid. Almost any bus will have a destination to Tepoztlan during the day or you can take a taxi. 

About an hour from Cuernavaca is Xochimilco, the ruins of an ancient city by the Olmec-Xicallanca, it contains a famous temple, a museum and an observatory. Since the site is purely historic and there is nothing else there the simplest way to truly appreciate the experience is with a tour that will fully immerse you in the now empty city. You can, however, visit it on your own by taking a car service there and programing for a pick-up or the bus.

Cuernavaca is full of various monuments, hotels, spas, and restaurants. It has been a tourist spot since the Aztecs Emperors and remains popular today to those who know what resides in the City of Eternal Spring.