24 Hours in Singapore: Exploring the roaring Lion City

Singapore is the destination of innovative and experimental thinking. When arriving there, you can notice the creative and thoughtful ways that they cater to the world as their audience and make everything an experience for the citizens. If you only had 24 hours in Singapore and you had to visit and experience the most amazing things that it had to offer, we have got you covered in this article.

The itinerary for today starts more into the land and continues out closer and closer to the water, so you can end your day with an amazing  water view.

Singapore Botanic Garden

A gorgeous garden that you can leisurely walk through in the sun! Very easily accessible with the subway system, this is a great way to start your day. The garden is completely free, but a portion of the garden is the National Orchid Garden. It’s $5 for adults and $1 for students, and the best is it’s free for kids!

After you’re done being surrounded by the wonders of flowers, hop on the train and lets go get some food!

Singapore chinatown

Hawker Centre

A HUGE food court, a whole building with stands and stands of food is available in this centre! While it is a bit of a ride away, it is located in Chinatown where you can spend some time shopping and exploring after getting something to eat! All authentic Singapore food is available here, such as rice, laksa and sugar cane!!

The surrounding Chinatown and Little India have some beautiful temples that you are able to visit and see the gorgeous cultural art, as well as the cultural impact on the community.

Next, hop back on the train and get yourself closer to the water!

Marina Bay Sands Hotel

This hotel is home to the famous Singapore creature, the Merlion, half lion and half sea-animal. It is a must see and simply iconic to the true Singapore trip! This is a short visit but what is next door is very worth it.

Singapore Marina Bay Sands hotel

Gardens by the Bay

Next to the hotel is this gorgeous garden! This amazing 101 hectare large green space captures the world of plants in this one place. With different biodomes that each have a different climate, they are able to explore the lives of plants from all over the world. There is a Flower dome, Desert dome, Cloud Forest dome and many more! It is completely free to get into the gardens themselves but the domes cost $28. Complete with 18 Super tree Groves, the land seems like an entire world of green. There is also two daily light shows with the trees which are at 7:45pm and 8:45pm everyday!

Singapore garden

Glutton Bay

After the day has wiped you out and you’re ready to sleep, you may want to stop for the quickest second at the Glutton Bay for a snack or even a light show on the Marina Bay! There are a bunch of stalls available, such as The Sweet Spot where you can get lovely dips and toast!

I know it’s been a long day so you should sleep, but I hope you enjoyed the day in Singapore. It certainly is a one-of-a-kind place that captures the earth and culture so perfectly. Have a great sleep and an even better day tomorrow!!