24 Hours in San Francisco

24 hours in the foggy city and nothing planned? We have got you covered with a list of the must-do’s while in San Francisco! A mixture of food, places and experiences is available for you to look at right here.

San Francisco Golden Gate bridge

Golden Gate Bridge

One of the most iconic places to visit in America! This bridge connects the San Francisco Bay and Pacific Ocean, this gap being called the Golden Gate. The walk down the bridge itself takes around 3o minutes one way, but I believe you will be stopping to look around and take photos so put aside some extra time as well!

Fun fact: The red colour of the bridge wasn’t supposed to be permanent, it just ended up working out since it’s such a bright colour and can be seen in the fog!

Around this area you are able to find some small places to eat and relax since the Golden Gate Bridge is a part of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area and includes a great gift shop on the southeast side of the bridge.

Castro District

As San Francisco is known for their LGBTQA+ communities, this district is a perfect way to see how it all began. With many places to eat and an amazing theatre, you will definitely get your times worth by visiting.

The gay community has since died down in recent ears due to many tourists and young families moving to the area but the shops and experience is great for anyone with an open mind!

San Francisco tram

Union Square

As the center of the city, there is so much to look at and do in this hub. Surrounded by high-end shops and art galleries, there is something for everyone to do. There is even a museum nearby called The Museum of Ice Cream! The hotels in this area are also iconic for their preservation of their original decor and architecture.

For shopping, definitely make sure to check out Gump’s! It is a one-of-a-kind staple store in San Francisco that has been opened for 150 years, filled with Asian and Asian-inspired jewelry and art!

Some things that are close to this area is also Chinatown, which is good to explore for the small shops and delicious food available! People also come around this area to view the old cable cars turnaround at the Powell and Market intersection, which is one of the most iconic sights in the city!

Pier 7

While there is a large number of piers in San Francisco, Pier 7 is very well known for the fishing activity! It is a long and skinny pier that has an amazing view of the city and is very relaxing if you need something a bit more slow for the day.

It gets very pretty at night with twinkling lights lining up the entire pier, making it a very popular night spot for couples and partners looking to enjoy the lovely view! With this amazing view you are also guarantied a great time while grabbing a bite to eat. Due to the wonderful catches of the fishermen, the restaurants around definitely use this to their advantage!

Restaurants such as Waterfront Restaurant and Hard Water feature MANY seafood meals. Hard Water is very well known for its New Orleans style seafood and whiskey selection, which you can’t go wrong with when looking onto an amazing sunset on the water.

San Francisco Twin Peaks

Twin Peaks

These two mountains serve the public with the most beautiful panoramic view of the sunset all year long. While it is a busy tourist attraction, the views make up for the lack of parking and give you a view that you will never forget. Visitors do always say that is very windy up there so make sure to bring layers to keep warm and enjoy the view!

This is something that is perfect to finish your trip with or just enjoy with some friends and food.

We at Lokafy hope you enjoy your stay in San Fran and have seen everything that you hoped to see! We would also like to thank Sabrina, one of our Lokafyers from San Francisco that helped write this article with her expertise!