24 Hours in Helsinki, Finland: The Easygoing Capital

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Usually 24 hours is not enough time to visit any place in the world, but with Helsinki and its easygoing vibes, you might not want to leave! Helsinki is Finland’s capital, with many beautiful places to explore. It is known for their distinct technology, design and their close proximity towards the sea. With many activities to do and places to see, we’ve compiled a list of the best Helsinki has to offer, from restaurants to places, all within 24 hours!

Helsinki is a Coffee-Drinking City

When you think of Finland, you automatically associate it with coffee! It is a proven fact that Finns drink the most coffee in the world. The average local will drink 3-4 mugs a day! Although they drink the most coffee, there are only a few Starbucks in the whole city. If you need to start your morning with a daily dose of caffeine, you can visit cafes, roasters or coffee shops around Helsinki. Trust me, no one will count the cups 😉

A Variety of Museums

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Every museum in Helsinki offers a different experience, depending on your preferences. If you like architecture and contemporary art, you should visit Kiasma. HAM (Helsinki Art Museum) is another favorite amongst locals for its convenience in location and its amazing pop up exhibitions of local masterpieces. The Design Museum is especially known for the Finnish icons and their Saturday program for kids. Last but not least, there’s the National Museum of Finland for its aesthetic building and stories of its unique Northern nation. If you have the time to visit all of these museums, you will not be disappointed.

Churches in Helsinki 

All churches in Helsinki are free to visit. For a spiritual outing, you can visit Kamppi Chapel of Silence. There’s also the Helsinki Cathedral and Uspenski Cathedral. The Rock Church is a good outing, as well for concerts, due to its acoustic vibes. 

Lunch at Juuri

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If you want local Finland food, you should head to Juuri’s for local tapas called ‘sapas’. Savoy serves herb and bee garden on a rooftop patio. Lunch is the best tasting option if you are on budget and don’t want to spend all your money before dinner. 😉

Go Shopping

What better time is there to shop than in the afternoon! There are smaller crowds, which is ideal because the smaller shops tend to close earlier than the bigger stores. The Helsinki Design District has unique pieces of clothing that locals would love! They also have antiques, books, and art. For cool souvenirs and handcrafted goods, you should visit Nide Bookstore.

Relax Near the Water

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Helsinki is surrounded by water everywhere you go. You can take a lazy afternoon walk or even go biking along the shores of the city. This trail will take you to some of the popular sites in the city, such as Sibelius Monument and Sky Wheel. Along the waterside of Johan and Nyström, there are bars and cafes that are open year-round based on their popularity.


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A variety of restaurants open up in Helsinki yearly and each are filled with different tasting options. A newly opened restaurant that people are loving is Finnjävel, which take guests on a journey to lovely Finnish food. You can also visit A21 Decades Barto taste some of Finland’s best drinks. 

24 hours is not much time to explore an entire city, especially the diverse architectural beauty and delicious food of Helsinki, but having an itinerary is always useful to make your lives wandering around easier. And if you forget to make one, you can read this blog however many times you need to get familiarized with the lovely places Helsinki has to offer. Safe travels exploring Helsinki, Finland! 😊