24 Hours in Copenhagen -The Epicentre of Nordic Landscapes & Cuisine

Southern Europe gets a lot of attention and visits from people all around the world, but the Northern Scandinavian countries up above are hidden gems within themselves. Known as one of the most liveable cities in the world, Copenhagen exudes a laidback, yet culturally-rich energy, boasting a spectrum of activities, gastronomy, and history for all kinds of people to discover and get lost in. The Nordic essence of the city comes alive from morning to night, and while there are so many things to do and see while you're here, we skip over some of the more high-traffic spots and head straight into the places and experiences that will give you a true taste of Copenhagen that can be done within a day. 

Copenhagen canal

Start your morning at Nyhavn Square.

Begin your morning with a signature Danish breakfast at a cafe in Nyhavn Square. Eat your fill of pastries, bread with cheese, fruits, jam, and oatmeal at well-loved spots such as Café Norden. After you've finished breakfast, you're in a prime location for a relaxing stroll through the streets and to really feel the cultural soul of the city. Nyhavn Square is a beautifully scenic canal district in Copenhagen, lined with vibrant boats and colourful, historic architecture by the waterfront.

For any Andersen literature buffs out there, be sure to check out No. 67 and No. 18, which were once home to famed Danish author, Hans Andersen, in the 1800s. 

Cafe norden Copenhagen Nyhavn Square

Head on Over to Tivoli Gardens.

While this city itinerary is geared towards guiding you off the beaten path, we couldn't not include Tivoli Gardens. There's good reason for the large amounts of people it attracts on a daily basis. Founded in 1843, Tivoli Gardens is the second oldest amusement park in the world, which actually became a main source of inspiration for Walt Disney as he was in the works of creating Disneyland. If rides and rollercoasters are not your thing, it's still very much worth it to make it out to the gardens and enjoy the unique architecture and designs of the space itself. 

Tivoli Gardens Copenhagen

Go for a Food Walking Tour and Sample the Authentic Cuisine.

Once you've spent the morning wandering through the extensive Tivoli Gardens, be the ultimate multi-tasker and satisfy your hungry appetite while learning about Copenhagen's food culture through a food walking tour.

Did you know Copenhagen is one of the most well-known cities for premier cuisine and dynamic food scenes? What better way to sample their top-rated food than by going on a walking tour to learn about the history of some of Copenhagen's oldest and finest culinary institutions while eating bits and pieces of delicious food along the way? 

Try going for a food tour by Foods of Copenhagen where you'll walk through the vital districts of the city and opt for the hidden gem restaurants and up-and-coming Danish chefs who hold lots of promise for the future of Danish cuisine. These walking tours stay limited to a group of 8 people, so you can be sure to avoid the feel of large group tours and instead feel like you're discovering food with a good group of friends and having great conversation at the same time.  

Copenhagen Food Tour

Immerse yourself in hygge at Huset-KBH and Bolsjefabrikken

Hygge is a key component of Danish culture, meaning the feeling of warmth when you spend time by yourself or with good company. Huset-KBH is a multi-purpose cultural centre that schedules various events, such as jazz live shows, classic Danish films, and group board games. Another great venue to check out is Bolsjefabrikken, a rustic cultural institution with live musical performances and artwork, giving you a true taste of Copenhagen's art and media scene. What better way to gain insight into this significant part of life in Copenhagen by learning about the people who help shape the city and experiencing hygge for yourself!