24 Hours in Budapest: Top 6 Adventures

Welcome to Budapest! Now that you’ve arrived, you may be wondering what to do next. Budapest is the capital of Hungary and has lots of history, culture and charm to explore. Here’s a list of some things you can enjoy within 24 hours in Budapest.

Start Your Day With a Soak at the Szechenyi Thermal Baths

Why not get an early start to your day with a relaxing soak in Europe’s largest medicinal bath centre? Built in 1913, this centre has both outdoor and indoor thermal pools, spa treatments, steam rooms and saunas. It’s a great place to wake yourself up and soak the travel soreness out of your body.


Grab Lunch at Great Market Hall

This famous market is home to some great local produce, spices, crafts and souvenirs. However, you can also grab some great local dishes on the upper floors if you stop by. Grab some Goulash or Langos for lunch and enjoy the atmosphere!


Walk Along the Danube Promenade from Elizabeth Bridge to Chain Bridge

This is a short walk on the Pest side from the Elizabeth (Erzsébet) Bridge to the Széchenyi Chain Bridge. It’s the perfect vantage point to see all the historical sites on the Buda side. These include Buda castle, the Liberty Statue, and the Fisherman’s Bastion. You can also walk over each of these famous bridges to experience the history. This promenade is also home to the Shoes on the Danube Bank which is a memorial to those killed by fascists in World War II.


Ride The Funicular Up to Buda Castle

This castle complex on the Buda side is a UNESCO world heritage site with a fun way of getting up to it from next to the Danube. The Funicular is a tram that runs on a 300ft long track on a hill. On the journey up you have a beautiful view of the city. At the top it the beautiful 13th century castle that is also home to the Hungarian National Gallery, the Castle Museum, and the National Széchenyi Library. It’s a beautiful site to explore!


Take a Trip to Margaret Island

The scenic Margaret Island is a 2.5km long island on the Danube full of green space. You can rent a pedal car and head the aviary or tour the medieval ruins. You can also enjoy a music fountain that has water ‘dancing’ to classical music.


End the Day with a Drink at a Ruin Bar

Once the sun sets, you can head over the Jewish District where there are an assortment of ruin bars to grab a drink and maybe even some food. These are makeshift bars in abandoned buildings with mismatched furniture and a casual atmosphere. They are an important part of the Budapest nightlife. See our list of top Ruin bars here.

liam-mckay-bWJVmVQ2Dr0-unsplash (1).jpg

Budapest has so much to explore so 24 hours is definitely not enough. However, it is long enough to see and experience some of the things that make this city great.