24 Hours in Barcelona: Top 6 Sites!

When we talk about any place, the first question is usually what is there to do. Well you don't have to worry about this when in Barcelona. From history to food, there is so much one can do in Barcelona. This blog will attempt to choose the top 6 things to do in the city. However, if you have more than 24 hours in Barcelona, there is so much left to do!

Grab Breakfast in Gràcia

Gràcia is like a small town within the city. It only became a part of the city as a neighbourhood in the 1900’s. It is quiet, has mainly pedestrian streets and is close to the main sites. It is mainly filled with young students and artists. The restaurants are inexpensive and delicious. It is a great place to hang out if you want to meet locals.


Explore the Sagrada Familia

A masterpiece by Antoni Gaudi, this basilica is probably the most recognizable and famous site in the city. It is a special site because it is not even finished yet after 140 years! It is set to be the tallest church in the world when the remaining fourth of construction is finally finished sometime in the future. Regardless of its unfinished state, it has beautiful architecture to see.


Relax at a City Beach

There is a miles-long boardwalk that stretches from Barcelona to Diagonal Mar. The clear blue water at these beaches is to die for and they are frequented by locals as well, so it feels less like a tourist trap. Take a couple of hours to walk the boardwalk, lie on the beach and take a dip in the water right in Barcelona.


Shop at La Boqueria

This market has been in this particular spot for 200 years. You can visit one of their bars and eat tapas or shop for fruits and vegetables. There are several olive products and Spanish meats and cheeses.


Catch a Match at Camp Nou

This is home to FC Barcelona. For those unaware, they are one of the world’s most prestigious teams. You can see a match, tour the facility and buy some merchandise. You will be stunned by just how big it is in person.


Walk through Las Ramblas

This is a quintessential tourist experience in Barcelona. It is a primarily pedestrian boulevard that stretches for 1.2 km through the city. This street buzzes with activity from street performances to shopping to live statues. If you get tired along the walk, you can rest at one of the many outdoor cafes and grab a coffee.


f you ever have 24 hours in Barcelona, then this is the guide for you. You do not want to just experience the sites that tourists typically go to; you should also see where the locals spend time. It shows you what qualities people love about the city they live in. Have an amazing trip!