Review from Fletcher Johnston from Toronto:

“My wife, Hailey, and I met Katie at our Hotel on the day of our tour. We weren’t very helpful when Katie asked us if there was anything in particular we’d like to see; we just asked her to show us the Paris that “Lonely Planet” would never show us. Katie knew right away what to do. She took us to the nearby Lafayette Galleries and started taking us up escalators: one escalator after another, promising that she was going to show us something really special. Eventually we reached the roof of the mall, something we would have never found on our own, where we were able to look out across the rooftops of Paris seeing the entire city from above. We could see the Eiffel tower, the gold dome of Les Invalides, the Paris Opera House, and the Madeleine. It was a truly amazing sight, and something that Hailey and I really loved.”

Fletcher and Katie on the roof of Galleries Lafayette

Fletcher and Katie (Lokafyer) on the roof of Galleries Lafayette

“The rest of the tour was an absolute joy; in a whirlwind Katie showed us some of the major sites – and more than a few minor ones. We even ducked into a cafe with us to grab some lunch during an unexpected rain shower and enjoyed a bottle of wine together.”

Fletcher, Hailey and Lokafyer Katie, three great smiles in front of Notre Dame

Fletcher, Hailey and Katie, three great smiles in front of Notre Dame

Review from Katie, Lokafyer:

“It was wonderful to see Paris through new eyes, we covered a lot of ground and saw a few things off the beaten track. I loved being able to answer questions and lead them in the right direction, and hear ‘wow’ when they finally saw the Eiffel tower !! We had a really nice afternoon and it showed that everyone is just a citizen of the world and can connect with anyone from anywhere else !”

Review from Anne Maurer from Folkestone, England:

“We are a family of three and we really enjoyed our tour with Lauren. Lauren was so friendly and personable and gave us lots of information about her city Toronto which she clearly loves. We learned such a lot on the tour. The only misfortune was that it was pouring with rain for much of that day but that didn’t deter Lauren or her enthusiasm. Lauren took us all over Chinatown and Kensington market where she knew a great little place for lunch. We had asked to see the graffiti alleys and Lauren made sure we did and they were so interesting. Because of the rain we decided to get a subway back at the end of the tour and Lauren came with us helping us through the somewhat confusing (to outsiders) token and ticket purchasing options! We liked Lauren a lot and if We could afford it we would have kept her for the whole week we were in Toronto! :) A big thank you Lauren!”

Review from Cara McLauchlin from Detroit:

“We enjoyed our tour very much. It was great to see a part of Toronto that none of us had been to before (The Distillery District). Our guide, Laura was very friendly and got along wonderfully with our group. She gave us lots of recommendations for local restaurants.”

Review from Laura, Lokafyer:

“First Lokafy meetup was a success!  They wanted to go to the distillery so I took them to the sake brewery and we did a tasting, most of their first time trying sake. We walked around, I told them a bit about the distillery and the spots I liked in there then we stopped for lunch at mill st brewery. By the time we were finished it was just past 4:30 so I sent them off to Soma chocolatier for dessert and with a list of recommendations for the rest of the weekend! They were lovely and it was so much fun!” 

IMG_9356 (640x478)

Wore my Detroit hustles harder t-shirt, naturally :) 

Review from Peggy Aycinena from San Francisco:

“The Lokafy tour was superb and just what our group of 4 needed, 2 early 30′s and 2 early 60′s. Maria met us promptly at our rental condo and was immediately responsive to our interests. She took us on an extensive 2-hour walking tour on a beautiful Saturday morning — St. Lawrence Market, the waterfront, the baseball stadium and CN needle plaza, plus the added highlight of seeing views out over the city from the rooftop garden of a commercial building. We ended at the train station meeting up with family coming in from Oshawa. Maria timed our tour so we were at the station right at the end of our 2-hour tour, which was great. It was really fun to be out and about in such a pedestrian friendly city with Maria as our guide!”

“We were delighted to learn that Maria has been in Toronto just 5 years, so Toronto is still interesting and fascinating to her. That’s always the best — touring around with a ‘local’ who still sees the city with fresh eyes. This whole tour was so much more interesting and personal than a packaged tour because of chatting with Maria about her background and how dynamic her life in Toronto has been since she arrived. It’s almost impossible to compare this tour with any kind of packaged tour!”

Review from Maria, Lokafyer:

“I wanted to write you a short update about my tour with Lokafy this Saturday. It was actually a very fascinating experience. We all had a great time and I learned from the guests as much as they learned from me (I hope). I took them to St. Lawrence market, to Harbourfront, CN tower and to my work as we have an incredible view from the roof. They really appreciated that. Its something that they couldn’t do by themselves and its not like an ordinary tourist destination.”